Rumor: A-Rod at Risk of Suspension over Poker Games

Via Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York:

Major League Baseball is taking “very seriously” the allegations that Alex Rodriguez took part in some illegal, underground poker games, one of which reportedly turned violent, and he could face suspension if his participation in the games is confirmed.

“We’re talking to people involved in the investigation and we’re taking this very seriously,” said an MLB executive who spoke to on condition of anonymity. “Because he had been warned about this before, I would say a possible suspension would be very much in play.”

The allegations, first published by, are that the New York Yankees third baseman played in at least two of the games, one of which took place at the Beverly Hills mansion of a record executive at which “cocaine was openly used and a fight nearly broke out when one of the players refused to pay after losing “more than a half-million dollars.”

This seems like a joke to me. First of all, I don’t see how Major League Baseball has the authority to suspend A-Rod for something like this. There is no policy in MLB like that in the NFL and NBA that holds any players to some sort of code of conduct. Second of all, why are they treating this like a bigger deal than any player who has been arrested for DUI’s.

Because of those reasons I doubt very highly that this will go anywhere. It seems that there is a certain group of people that get kicks out of reading things that cast A-Rod in a negative light and this is just feeding into that.

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6 Responses to Rumor: A-Rod at Risk of Suspension over Poker Games

  1. It's New York and A-Rod, so sensationalism is probably ruling the day here.

  2. Brandon says:

    It's absolutely disgraceful how this is headline news. It's all based on hearsay. Wallace Matthews and Ian O'Connor from ESPN should be ashamed at the anonymous source based articles they've written regarding this.

    • You are going a little overboard with the they should be ashamed stuff. It's certainly being sensationalized, but I'm sure they haven't made anything up. Unfortunately anonymous sources have become the norm in sports journalism too.

  3. Brandon says:

    I apologize if that sounded like I was accusing them of making things up. I guess I've just grown exhausted of these tabloid stories about A-Rod being treated like real sports news. I think it's shameful to be reporting this stuff as if it's news. It's like we're determined to use the A-Rod is a villain card to sell sports news and I'm just tired of it.

    • I totally understand where you are coming from. And again, Matthews and O'Connor are both guilty of sensationalism. However, MLB is investigating A-Rod so there is a story in this. It would just be nice to see the story be more balanced. Get some quotes from the MLBPA saying how this entire thing is a shame and they can't touch A-Rod. That part of the story isn't untrue either.

  4. So A-Rod has flatly denied that this story is true. Also the supposed source of the original report has denied it as well saying that A-Rod was playing in the 2009 World Series at the time. Since I don't feel like writing about this again I'm just putting it here.

    This is now a complete non-story (not that it was ever much of a story to begin with).

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