A-Rod Getting Closer to a Bronx Return 2

Alex Rodriguez took a big step forward toward his return to the majors this week as he has ramped up his rehab, fielding grounders and taking some swings off a tee, according to the Associated Press.

A-Rod has been out since July 11 with surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee. He can’t be far from getting in a rehab game at this point, probably less than a week away. Joe Girardi has said that he doesn’t think he’ll need too many rehab games so think probably 2-3 games before he is back in the Bronx.

From the very beginning the Yankees have said they expect him back sometime in mid-August and based on everything we know he is right on track for that. A return by August 13 seems realistic at this point.

2 thoughts on “A-Rod Getting Closer to a Bronx Return

  • Susan

    Where are all you guys today? I am getting lonely. Nobody has been participating all day today, you all must be sad about todays loss. :-(

  • Mike Sommer

    I was supposed to catch SWB tonight. But sure enough, rained out. That makes two rainouts in NY and one at SWB for me this year (jinxed).

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