A-Rod Has MRI Could Miss Boston Series

Alex Rodriguez went in for an MRI after he jammed his thumb in Minnesota last week and reaggravated it in Baltimore this weekend. The results were negative, according to Chad Jennings of the Journal News, but he is still likely to miss a few days and possibly the entire series against the Red Sox.

That means for this series the Yankees could be without both their Captain Derek Jeter and A-Rod. With neither likely headed toward the DL that means they’ll be playing with a short bench as both Eduardo Nunez and Eric Chavez will have to be in the lineup.

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4 Responses to A-Rod Has MRI Could Miss Boston Series

  1. Susan says:

    It seems like we play better w/o A Rod anyway. People can rip the Jeter contract all they want but signing this guy to a ten year deal was possibly the most stupid move in team history, especially after we vowed to not resign him if he opted out of his last deal. But hey, we have him for how many more years, six, seven? I'm sure those are going to be very productive and healthy years in a post steroids body. Where have you gone Scott Brosius, a nation turns it's lonely eyes to you…

    • Harcore Yankee Fan says:

      49-35 – Winning % = 58.3% – Yankees 2011 record with ARod
      31-17 – Winning % = 64.6% – Yankees 2011 record without ARod

      His contract will undoubtedly prove itself to be the worst baseball contract of all time for all remaining time.

  2. A-Rod's streak of 30 homer and 100 rbi seasons is coming to an end this year.

  3. Susan says:

    If not for the injuries he may have got his 30/100 and I'm sure he isn't completely done just yet. I'll root for him as long as he's a Yankee for the team's sake but I've never liked and still don't. I think he's Barry Bonds Lite. Not as much unlikable, not quite as dishonest, and not quite as much of a club house cancer but close on all three. It would be so great to be able to unload him within the next couple years but obviously without eating nearly the entire contract that will be almost impossible.

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