Joba Chamberlain Expects Mid-April Return

Joba Chamberlain had Tommy John surgery in the beginning of June. Typically it requires a 12-18 month layoff before getting back to 100 percent which would mean it would be until at least June before he comes back.

However, Joba said he is already ahead of schedule in his rehab and expects a mid-April return. That is unlikely, but certainly possible. When recoveries happen so quickly players tend to have all of their strength but tend to struggle with consistency and command. More realistically expect him to make a May or even a June return.

“Everybody’s different,” he said to Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York. “Obviously I’m not working up to 110, 115 pitches. So that cuts your timetable a little bit. I probably just have to get up to 30 pitches, I’d say. So March puts us at 9 months, middle of April puts us at 10 months. Somewhere around then is what I’m looking for. Obviously Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I understand that. But that’s my goal for myself. Obviously not to push it, but I think that’s a realistic goal for me.”

Joba also said he also underwent two other surgeries shortly after he had Tommy John. He went in for an appendectomy and then shortly after that went in again to deal with an abdominal infection. He appears to be over both of those.

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    So I guess the no beard and short hair policies only applies to guys that are on the active roster?

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