Jorge Posada Wants to Play in 2012

Via Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News:

Posada, who turns 40 Wednesday, is looking much further ahead than Thursday, saying he believes he can continue playing beyond this season.

“It’s tough for me to tell you exactly what I’m going to do,” Posada said. “To tell you the truth, I really don’t know until the season’s over and I get home and see what happens during the offseason, all the workouts and stuff. I haven’t really thought about it, but I still think that I will right now.”

…Although Posada has not caught an inning this season, he said six weeks of spring training would be plenty of time to get him conditioned to catch next year.

“I could catch,” said Posada, who is in the final season of a four-year, $52.4 million contract. “I could have (caught) this year. I could have been a backup somewhere, backed somebody up. I don’t think I could catch every day, but I could have caught here and there.”

If Jorge Posada is dead set on coming back in 2012 he’s probably going to have to find another team to play with. No matter what he thinks, the Yankees are not going to suddenly trust him as their backup catcher and the perennially flush DH-market they would have no problem finding an upgrade at DH.

If he were really determined to play one more year, meaning he wouldn’t ask for a lot of money or playing time, he might be able to hang-on somewhere for another year. My instincts tell me this is going to play out similar to Bernie Williams‘ last year – a proud athlete too stubborn to admit when he’s done, who thinks he wants to play again, but when he comes to the realization that the Yankees don’t want him back he’s not going to be able to bring himself to put on another uniform.

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8 Responses to Jorge Posada Wants to Play in 2012

  1. Jaime B. says:

    Yeah who is going to pay him to come up with the bases loaded and not swing at anything… typical Posada..

  2. Jaime B. says:

    But Posada saw the first strike… he has to be protecting… it looked like he was trying to draw a walk…

    • That's a solid point, but it doesn't make sense to expand your strike zone every time an umpire makes a bad call. That's a great way to get into terrible habits. Jorge is old enough as it is, his bat is slowing down, he doesn't need to turn into Vlad Guerrero to make things worse.

  3. Jaime B. says:

    Umps always make mistakes… its not like they are robots who call strikes perfect all the time…

  4. Mike Sommer says:

    Inexcusable, and the umpiring has been awful in the regular season and as we've seen recently, in the postseason as well. But there is (or seems to be) no repercussions to the umpires for bad calls. I know Cardinals fans. What repercussion, for example, did Don Denkinger receive for basically blowing the 1985 WS away from the Cards and giving it to KC? Probably none. What repercussions will Dana DeMuth receive? Probably none. Until THAT is changed….

  5. swedski says:

    How did this go from Jorge to the umps?
    Jorge is a decent catcher and a decent hitter, the point of all of this is if he wants to be a back up next year he should throw his name in the ring and then try. I will not think any less of him if he spends 2 years in KC as the back up catcher and DH, more power to him but it would be foolish for him think the the Yanks will give him a contract next year. There is no reason he can't sell his services to someone and enjoy his time wherever, plus he might open up some avenues of work he would like. He will always be a Yankee great but not next year and if he works for someone else then the celbrations will have to wait till his career is done..

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