No Deadline Move, A Good Move For The Yankees

Rumors swirled around the Yankees for the last couple of weeks, wondering if GM Brian Cashman would finally give in and trade away his prized minor league prospects, but as the non-waiver trade deadline came and passed, Cashman resisted the temptation of making a trade. And that may very well have been the best move for the Yanks.

Ubaldo Jimenez seemed to be at the forefront of most of the rumors involving the Yankees, at times seeming like the Yanks were close to getting him, but the cost was just too much.

The Rockies wanted the top two pitching prospects in the organization, Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances, in addition to Ivan Nova and top catching prospect Jesus Montero for their ace, Jimenez. A king’s ransom for a pitcher who has not been the same dominating presence on the mound as he was just one season ago, going 19-8 with 2.88 ERA.

This season, Jimenez is 6-9 with a 4.96 ERA to go along with a WHIP of 1.374 thus far, and keep in mind that those numbers were accumulated going up against underwhelming NL offenses. His velocity is also down this year, which might have played a factor in his worse numbers.

So up front, he looks like a fairly mediocre pitcher, but he is just 27 years old and even though his velocity is down from his career year in 2010 when he could top out at 98 or 99, his fastball is still almost 10 mph faster than Freddy Garcia‘s. Plus his contract is very team-friendly, being under team control for the next two seasons and at a very low cost.

And for the Cleveland Indians, that had to be a key point in why they gave up their top two pitching prospects for him. A bold move for the Indians, who are apparently in it to win it this season. Best of luck with Ubaldo.

The Yanks were also involved with Hiroki Kuroda, Heath Bell, and very late on Sunday they turned their attention to Wandy Rodriguez. But alas, no deal was struck for any player and the Yankees made no trades.

Certainly a gutsy call by GM Brian Cashman, who’s contract expires at the end of this season, and it’s a call I agree with him on.

Cashman is going to roll the dice and cross his fingers that ‘Steady’ Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon can continue their renaissance seasons for New York, and hope that A.J. Burnett figures out how to pitch one of these days.

Most importantly, he holds on to the crown jewels of the Yankees farm system, all of whom look to play a big role in the Yankees long-term future plans.

In the meantime, he and Joe Girardi do have a nice problem to solve and that is what to do with Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes. Nova has had the better season and is in better position to help the Yankees right now than Hughes, however Hughes was an 18-game winner last season and if he can regain that form the rotation would look a lot more formidable.

Still, it’s a nice problem to have right now and one more reason why not to trade for another starting pitcher.

All that really matters is that the Yankees stand at 64-42, 6.5 games up on the Angels for the AL Wild Card, just two games back of Boston in the AL East, with Rafael Soriano back and A-Rod on the way.

In my opinion, the future is looking bright in the Bronx. They got nothing at the deadline, but “sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand.”

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12 Responses to No Deadline Move, A Good Move For The Yankees

  1. advocate says:

    how often does the yankee farm put out the caliber of jimenez? and as far as montero is concerned it seems obvious to me the yanks have zero confidence in him. hughes is washed up yanks should test some of their young talent now! or they should trade them. all the hype about the farm system is for trade purposes only. also what baffles me most is with all their money they don't have any power outfielders anywhere close to being major league

    • What makes you think they have no confidence in Montero?

      • advocate says:

        he has been on the trading block more than anyone in their entire system that i know of plus it seems everyone except the yankees don't think he has a future as a catcher one thing the yanks have on the farm is alot of good catching prospects if the yanks thought they were going to get him on the club don't you think they would try to get him another position 1st base would seem logical but with tex on first there is just no room for him so i think it is highly unlikely you see him on the yanks they will trade him before taking chance that he flops in the majors jus t my opinion

    • Lucas Weick says:

      The Yankees are trying to produce talent that is of the caliber of Jimenez, if not better. And Phil Hughes did come out of their system, who won 18 games last year and is not washed up. Ivan Nova is also a product of the Yanks system and he has done quite well this season. Not trading these players away will allow them to continue to put out good talent from within their own system and ensure continued success in the future.

      As far as Montero goes, I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the majors this September and I would put him as the favorite to get the starting catcher job next season.

  2. Susan says:

    No power outfielders? Granderson has 28 HRS and after a terrible start Swisher has 14.

    • advocate says:

      exactly my point granderson and swisher did not come from the farm nor is there anyone on the farm in the foreseeable future "outfielder with power" that to me is unacceptable

      • What about Gardner? They just produced him. No credit for that?

      • Susan says:

        For the record, I'd rather have good pitchers in the farm system than power outfielders. Outfielders are a dime a dozen and can be signed as free agents. Not nearly as much so for great starting pitchers. I also don't care if our big leaguers are home grown, bought or traded for as long as we win.

        • Good point about outfielders being easily picked up as free agents. They are the most abundant players available via trade as well. Just look at Swisher, he's a legitimate contributor and he was had for practically nothing.

          • advocate says:

            doesn't it seem a bit odd that power outfielders are so abundant every where why don't the yanks have some in the minors? its not like the yanks are producing a greater number of pitchers to over compensate for the lack of power hitting outfielders, over all for at least the last 6yrs. the yanks farm system has been over hyped with relatively little results i think they should be producing more players like cano and petite i think they need better talent evalutors

          • You say it like producing minor league talent is so easy. At the same time you are ignoring what the Yankees have been able to do over the past couple of years (and still ignoring Gardner who is one of the best outfielders in baseball).

            First of all, Nick Swisher was a 1st round pick that wasn't even available when the Yankees got him. That's typical of a lot of stars around the major leagues.

            With Granderson they could have had him, but they didn't get lucky. What they did though was they were able to use their own draft pick (they are not just helpful on their own, you can trade them as well) in Austin Jackson and turned him into Curtis Granderson.

            Also, the Yankees have produced plenty of pitchers, positions players, and role players over the past few years. Whether you like them or not. Joba, Hughes, D-Rob, Coke, Melky and Gardner all helped win them a World Series. They've essentially built a bullpen and a bench from within since 2008 as well.

            I'm sorry the Yankees haven't produced an All-Star at every position. That's just not going to happen. Stop being a spoiled Yankees fan and appreciate what they are doing well.

  3. Brandon says:

    The Yankees will be fine. They have the 3rd best record in baseball, the 3rd best ERA in the AL, and the best run differential in all of baseball. Ubaldo is a solid pitcher but he's not a sure thing. You can't give up 4 of your best prospects for a guy who could potentially struggle pitching in the AL and in New York. Also, if they got him he would immediately have the worst ERA on the staff outside of Phil Hughes. Not exactly what I would call a lock.

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