Rumor: Push for Wandy was by Ownership, Not Cashman

A “major-league source” told Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports that the push to try to trade for Wandy Rodriguez yesterday came from ownership and not Brian Cashman. Fortunately for the Yankees the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement over money and a deal feel through.

However this is more evidence of a disturbing trend, Cashman may not have the full authority that he once had. The reason why this is a bad trend, even if you don’t like Cashman, is that every time ownership or the front office steps in they only make things worse. Alex Rodriguez opts out, give him $300 million. Derek Jeter doesn’t like three-year $30 million offer, give him four and $54 million. Rafael Soriano, yes bring him in for three times what any other team is offering him.

There was a day when Cashman was GM in name only, but a few years back he wrestled more authority from an aging George Steinbrenner and Cash turned that into a productive farm system and a 2009 World Series title. No he’s not the best GM in baseball by any stretch, but he is much better at his job when he is left to do it. Too many times the front office and the ownership want to spend money or make trades just to make trades or just to spend money. This is a perfect example of that, Wandy Rodriguez is a decent pitcher, but he is by no stretch obviously better than anything they already have. If the prospects need to be traded it should be for someone who clearly improves the team.

Cashman’s contract is up at the end of the season. By all accounts he is happy with the team and they are happy with him. However, this kind of thing is happening more and more. At a certain point wouldn’t he be happier going somewhere else where he doesn’t have to deal with all of this interference?

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9 Responses to Rumor: Push for Wandy was by Ownership, Not Cashman

  1. Susan says:

    Good article Rob. At one time I wanted Cashman out but not now. I think he's the smart one of the bunch. I don't want him to be a penny pincher but I also don't want to start making 80ish type trades again and he seems to have the brains not to do that. I watched some video of Wandy Rodriguez yesterday and he looked pretty good but nothing that stands out. I would have liked to get him for a fair value trade but as I said yesterday it seems like every team out there is trying to rape us of every prospect we have and offering only mediocrity in return. Not acceptable.

  2. I'm tired of the owners getting involved in transactions, it's so true they make things worse every single time,
    I'm not a Cashman fan, he has donde a lot of mistakes (Feliciano, Burnett, Aveces, Pavano, etc.) but it's his job and I don't know a GM without a bad move.
    And These young Steinbrenners always make mistakes

    • Joe says:

      hey 4 mistakes in 14 years isn't to bad I guess

      Cashman has been one of the best GM's in baseball hands down. Yeah he's made some mistakes but he's also pulled off great deals and signings(like swiping Tex the same day Boston fans thought they were signing him)and has been at the helm for 4 WSC.

  3. Mike Sommer says:

    Frankly, I trust Randy Levine about as far as I could spit.

  4. To Lee says:

    They pushed for Soriano and got him. How is that working for the Yankees? By now, you would think management would let the experts (Cashman) make the decisions.

  5. 3WillieB says:

    I, too, don't believe Cashman has always made the best deals; but as long as he is the GM, they should be his alone to complete. If ownership does not believe he has the team's collective best interests in mind, then they should hire another GM. Too many times ownership seems to fancy itself able to execute GM duties; but with questionable results. Reminds me of a certain Dallas NFL owner…..

  6. Joe says:

    I think all this interference non-sense is a little blown out of proportion, pure NY fabrication. Yeah they goofed big time on the A-Rod deal but do we know the figures the team stands to make if/when Al breaks the HR record ? Yeah I would of liked to see them not roll over so easy on both the Alex and Jeter deals but I think Cashman has to deal with ownership just as much as any other GM in baseball. Only we don't hear about other GM's and owners, honestly how many owners and GM's can we even friggin name off the top of our head ? See where I'm going with this ? Fact is a LOT of people hate the Yankees and so much BS has been caked on top of other BS throughout the years and 90% of it is garbage.Just like all the articles surfacing everywhere how the Yankee's where the biggest losers at the trade deadline when in fact they made the smart move and stood pat. Well those same writers would be killing them in a different article if they let go of Montero and Betances for Jimenez. Nothing but criticism for a team that's 23 games over .500.

    you keep hating and we will keep winning

  7. Roy says:

    I trust Ken Rosenthal a lot. But he is quoting a source. I don't know whether to believe it or not. Maybe the source was Cashman himself. Otherwise, who knows? I imagine that the Steinbrenners listen to a lot of voices other than Cashman. Maybe a scout. Maybe they look at his results, rather than his pitching.

    i have not been fond of most moves that the Steinbrenners have made over Cashman's head; the Yankees do not need Wandy Rodriguez, but having him at the right price is not the worst move.

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