Rumor: Yankees To Call Up Jesus Montero Soon

Via John Nalbone of the Newark Times:

According to sources close to organization, Trenton catcher Austin Romine, then Dellin Betances, will be next to board the SWB shuttle (to Triple-A), with top overall prospect Jesus Montero expected to join the Yankees’ lineup in the very near future.

It seems a little obvious by now that the Yankees need Montero’s help in the Bronx as both Jorge Posada and Russell Martin are both playing like shit (for lack of a better term). Posada hit a weak .217 with a .534 OPS in the month of July and Martin was barely any better hitting .213 with a .570 OPS. The Yankees haven’t called up Montero yet because they want him to play everyday, but as far as I can tell he can take as much playing time away from Martin and Posada as he needs.

Romine and Betances are both ready for the jump to Triple-A as well. That will get them set up to be mid-season call-ups next year.

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14 Responses to Rumor: Yankees To Call Up Jesus Montero Soon

  1. Errk says:

    I don't like Jesus' batting stance…but love me some Jesus

  2. Guest says:

    Spell the players name right. When you do not it makes you look like a jackass. Proof read your crap before you post it.

    • Vincent says:

      Hey Guys! Look at me! I like to call out a blogger on something as trivial as spelling someone's name wrong, yet I refuse to proofread my own comments for blatant grammatical errors!

    • Steve says:

      You my friend are an exceptional example of what is wrong with the world.

  3. All of that because I missed a T?

  4. Susan says:

    Posada and Martin are indeed playing like shit. The games I've watched it seems that Martin handles himself behind the plate pretty well though, certainly better than Cervelli or Posada. I'm okay with a light hitting catcher if he can play good defense. Anyone know if Romine or Gary Sanchez plays good defense? I hear Montero is so so.

    • Anthony says:

      Sanchez has been atrocious but he's a good athlete so there's hope. Romine is the most solid defensively between Montero, Sanchez, and himself. He'll be the only most likely to stick at catcher, whereas Montero and Sanchez have bats that should play anywhere.

      • Mike Sommer says:

        Remember, Sanchez is only 18, playing at Low A.

        • Susan says:

          I found this article on "Pinstripe Alley" today regarding Gary Sanchez…

          " Charleston RiverDogs catcher Gary Sanchez has been named the South Atlantic League's Hitter of the Week for games from August 1-7, as announced by the league office on Monday.

          During that span, Sanchez batted .500 (11-22) with five home runs, nine RBI, scored five runs, and walked four times. In the process, the 18-year-old dynamo has raised his average to .256 – the highest it has been since June 24 – with a team-high 15 home runs.

          Since the beginning of June, Sanchez has hit .269/.356/.520 with 11 home runs, displaying the power that causes the Yankees to be so high on him. While he got off to a slow start in April and May, battled the infamous attitude problems, and has been playing a highly permeable catcher (26 passed balls in 58 games behind the plate), these are the ups and downs you expect with an eighteen year old kid. "

  5. Roy says:

    The idea of a team playing .600 ball making the final push for the playoffs demoting or cutting a solid defensive catcher, who has the confidence of the pitching staff to bring up a better hitting AAA player who will be catching once every five days is totally nuts.

    A team should be willing to give up a lot of offense to have a reliable catcher. When a catcher only plays once a week, he is not going to get into any groove. He will play defense like an occasional player – sloppy and without great instincts.

    Will Monero be that much better a DH opposing LH pitching than Andruw Jones? Doubt it. Will he be much better a DH opposing RH pitching an Jorge Posada? Doubt it too.

    Yes, I know that I misspelled Monero, but its just the jackass in me.

  6. Henry says:

    Montero is ready. It is his time. His bat is better than Cervelli's and Martin's. I would bring up Montero probably after the red sox series to replace Cervelli. Bring Romine up to AAA along with Betances. Sanchez is horrible at this point of his career. You look at his potential. I think he will be moved to another position. Montero and Martin would be our catchers. Their aren't that many games left at AAA so Montero has gotten his work time to give him so work at the major league level. Cervelli has lost a lot defensively as most of us knows.

    • I do so love how people just make judgements on players they've never seen before. Would you care to explain why Sanchez should be moved out from behind the plate already at age 18?

  7. Mike Sommer says:

    "Sanchez is horrible at this point of his career."__You do realize Sanchez is 18, don't you? Most 18 year olds aren't in Low A, they are seniors in high school facing high school pitching. _

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