Standing Up for Rafael Soriano After a Tough Loss

Last night’s loss wasn’t a pretty one for Rafael Soriano and when you look at his season numbers, 2-2 with a 5.01 ERA, 17 K’s, 12 BB’s, there doesn’t look like too much to be happy about.

However, despite the ugliness of last night Soriano has actually been doing quite well lately. Entering last night’s game he had held batters to just one run on two hits and one walk over 7.1 innings while striking out six.

Obviously small sample sizes come into play here, but it is important to remember that he has been doing a good job of late. Last night wasn’t another April appearance that he pouted through while his indifference cost them the game. No Coco Crisp isn’t the one you want to see walking off the Yankees, but he was hot last night and Soriano just made a bad pitch. These things happen.

I’ll be the first to jump on Soriano for the crap he pulled back in April, but last night was just one of those things. It happens, no pitchers are perfect.

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4 Responses to Standing Up for Rafael Soriano After a Tough Loss

  1. seasonedobserver says:

    Verdict is still out on Sori. He has pitched well of late and even looks acceptable as a teammate. I hate to say it but Clueless set him up for failure early. He chose to test this guy right out of the box on the coldest windiest nights this year. I remember saying to the TV," why are you bringing in a guy who is used to pitching in warm weather on a night like this". Boom down goes Frasier. Then the NY press gets in his surly face and a malcontent is born. Not that he has a history of being pleasant in the first place. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now because he's on my team.

  2. Coolnewyorker says:

    Soriano has shown some hints of excellent players who simply do not and apparently cannot do as well in the Bronx..

    I am tired of "benefit of the doubt " sugar coating. Either he joins the ilks of Johnson, Brown, Rogers, etc…and (ahem) Burnett …and possibly Ian Kennedy or he joins the likes of Robertson, Logan, Nova, etc.

    I am convinced not all players are cut out to wear the pinstripes.

    • seasonedobserver says:

      Don't think sugar coating was my intent. I just think the sample size is a bit small. And like it or not he may be the heir apparent to Mo. I believe we're still in the wait and see mode. Lets hope to be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Harcore Yankee Fan says:

    He was a bust the day he was signed. You don't pay set up guys $12M dollars and sign them to 3 years on top of that. His play has been horrendous overall. He has been the sole reason why the Yanks have lost as much as 3-4 games, even will being on the DL half the season.

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