Yankees Going Back to 5-Man Rotation By Monday

The Yankees needed Ivan Nova for a double header so they called him up from the minors for what was supposed to be one start. He pitched so well that he is here to stay and for the past couple of weeks they have been going with a 6-man rotation as a result.

Now, Joe Girardi said that by the opening of the series against Kansas City that starts on Monday they will go back to the typical 5-man rotation. That means somebody, probably Phil Hughes or A.J. Burnett, has to go.

Burnett will not pitch again before Monday which means that the person who gets cut from the roster likely depends on Hughes’ start against the Rays this Saturday. In his last start he barely saved himself from getting cut from the rotation by tossing a strong outing against the weak-hitting White Sox, but he looked very pedestrian in a relief outing against the Red Sox.

It’s hard to imagine Burnett getting cut from the rotation barring an absolute gem by Hughes. Hughes seems more fit for the bullpen with his diminishing velocity and lack of any true secondary pitch. A return to the bullpen doesn’t necessarily mean a return to his 2009 form though. Burnett also seems to be able to give the Yankees more distance even when he’s struggling too.

I want to hear from you? Whom would you prefer to be removed from the rotation? Phil Hughes or A.J. Burnett?

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17 Responses to Yankees Going Back to 5-Man Rotation By Monday

  1. Susan says:

    With Hughes you never know what you'll get. From AJ you do, so I'll take Hughes in the rotation and hope for the best. Hoping not to see either one start a playoff game though.

  2. angel rodriguez says:

    Put Burnett in the pen and make every effort to trade him ASAP.

  3. Frank R says:

    Now there's two people who know what they're talking about…… I totally agree with both of those comments… I hope the dumb a– Girardi does too…

    • #1 Yankee Gram says:

      The problem is actually Girardi…..he doesn't seem to know when it is necessary to pull a pitcher…why boast of a good pen if you don't use it? I say
      AJ to the bull pen, matbe it will wake him up,Hughes if nothing else seems to care more to try to do well.

  4. Jazz says:

    Get rid of Hughes and Burnett especially Burnett; pay part of his salary and hope to get a decent fifth starter; if not, call up a rooke from AAA for the 5th spot.

  5. Roy says:

    I can't see AJ in the pen. Too many pitches in the dirt. There is such a thing as being too nasty for the bullpen.

    Hughes has done it before. His best work to date has been as a reliever. Also from the standpoint of what a transfer to the bullpen would mean to a player's mental state, Hughes can certainly deal with a bullpen assignment easier.

    The Yankees are winning games, so they still have time to tinker with these six pitchers. The original April plan was to have Colon in the bullpen. That is not out of the question.

    Let's consider some other factors.
    1. The Yankees have 13 pitchers right now, one more than they normally carry.

    2. Rodriguez will be back in a week. Someone will need to go. Will it be a pitcher? Does Noesi get cut? I think that Posada sticks.

    3. I bet that the Yankees will want Jesus Montero on the postseason roster as a DH/PH. This will require another move before 8/31.

    I think that roster moves that need to be played out before postseason rosters are set will be a factor in the six man rotation question you raised.

  6. Andrew518 says:

    What's worse than a start by Burnett? Him coming out of the bullpen, I just don't see the feasibilty of it. That said, despite what I would consider injury related struggles this year I think we need to see Hughes' future in the starting rotation long term, Personally I think this is kind of lose lose situation, I'd just stick with the six man rotation.

  7. Tanned Tom says:

    Hughes to the pen, or even to AAA. But I've never liked Burnett, a bad signing really. Since the Yanks never trade guys and pay part of their salary — when has it happened? — we're gonna have to live with Burnett. The bigger question is who makes the playoff roster. Since a team never uses 5 starters in a series, and Burnett is unsuited to relief, it makes sense to leave both him and Huhges off the playoff roster. It's CC, Freddy, Colon and Nova in the playoffs.

  8. Marc says:

    Garcia got scratched for Sundays start, meaning AJ is taking his place. If he gets rocked, maybe Girardi will actually make the right call and send him to the pen. I would definitely much rather have Hughes in the rotation than Burnett.

    • Susan says:

      Hi Marc, I heard on Baseball Tonight that there is no chance Jarret Wright, umm I mean AJ Burnett will go to the pen. I actually agree with some of the boys on this blog that said Burnett is too wild for the pen. But I also agree that he shouldn't be starting either. A rather expensive problem to have.

  9. Mike Sommer says:

    Yeah. Garcia cut a finger on his pitching hand in a kitchen accident so he'll miss a start or two.

  10. Bob says:

    Hey Rob,

    How about that Ian Kennedy? He is now 15-3! That's right 15-3! Once again, Cashman gave up on a kid too soon! I remember that you wrote an article about a year ago stating that you thought that the Yanks gave up on Ian way too soon! I can't wait for the day that the Yanks tell Cashman to take a hike!

    • Susan says:

      Who would we get to take Cashman's place? You have to give the guy some credit, nobody, especially me thought he was a sane man when he signed Colon and Garcia but they've been great. He also swiped Tex from signing with Boston at the last second and stole Swisher for Wilson Betimit and landed CC Sabathia. Sure, he's made some blunders but tell me what GM hasn't?

  11. Mike Sommer says:

    Yeah, just conveniently forget that the Yanks got Granderson in the deal.

  12. Bob says:


    Pitching and defense wins championships pal! Grandy is nice. However, pitching and defense win!

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Without Granderson's bat, where would they be? Posada has slipped terribly, Jeter isn't what he used to be, same with A-Rod, who has missed a month. Teix is struggling to hit .250. Martin is struggling to hit .230, etc. Pitching and d win titles, true, but the NL West isn't the AL East. The NL West is where pitchers like Randy Johnson go to to get #300 when they are on their last legs. Kennedy has had a career year and I wish him the best. But pitching in the NL, especially the NL West, is far from pitching in the AL East. Also lest we forget that Kennedy had some attitude problems while in the Bronx?

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