Yankees Lefties Marte and Feliciano Both Shutdown

Last week the Yankees got a bit of encouraging news when injured lefty relievers Damaso Marte and Pedro Feliciano both pitched in a rehab game. However they got the worst possible news after their appearances as both have been shutdown after experiencing pain following the outing, according to Bryan Hoch of MLB.com.

This news could mean the end of both of their Yankees careers. For Marte, he is on the final year of his contract. The Yankees have a $4 million club option they could exercise at the end of the season, but that seems unlikely at this point.

For Feliciano, it sounds like he’s going to need surgery that could keep him out for at least a year or for the remainder of his two-year $8 million deal with the Yankees.

These two pitches are clearly both black eyes on Cashman’s record. For one thing, there were huge red flags surrounding Feliciano this offseason that went completely ignored by Cashman. As for Marte, even ignoring a questionable trade that brought him here, he seemed to have been needlessly signed to a three-year $12 million contract. The only return the Yankees saw on that at all was during the 2009 playoffs and World Series, a solid contribution, but he has contributed nothing since.

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3 Responses to Yankees Lefties Marte and Feliciano Both Shutdown

  1. shavager says:

    Cashman's done a miserable job of bringing pitching talent to Yanks. Kevin Brown, Carl Pavano, Burnett have been disasters, now Marte and Feliciano will cost far more than what they produced in relief help. It's time for Yanks to focus on farm team and minor league talent, develop talent instead of trying to buy it. Get some young talent Cashman, make some trades to get young pitchers with futures, not worn out arms or mental projects.

    • The Yankees will never be in a position to trade for young pitchers. They are a win now team and barely have the patience for their own prospects, they aren't going to go out and add any others. Also, you have to give to get and the Yankees are always in win now mode and cant afford to give.

      • shavager says:

        That's why they've been constantly trying to buy pitchers under Cashman and haven't had a lot of success. It's Sabathia, Nova and Hughes and he's been inconsistent this year injured or not. Colon and Garcia were surprise help but by end of season they won't have the success to make a playoff run, might be one round of playoffs and out again this year unless the bats carry the team.

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