Yankees Release Aaron Laffey After Less Than 1 Week

As most of you have probably noticed, the site wasn’t updated regularly this past weekend while I was off with my friends celebrating my own birthday. Over the three years of the site this has become somewhat of a regular thing. I typically never miss much in the middle of April, but this time around a new pitcher came and went before I could even notice him – Aaron Laffey.

Laffey, a 31-year-old lefty, was claimed off of waivers from the Seattle Mariners to be a situational reliever. They even pushed Freddy Garcia to the DL to make room for him despite the fact that a DL trip for Garcia was probably not necessary. With just Boone Logan as the only other lefty in the pen, this made sense.

What doesn’t make sense is that less than a week after getting him, the Yankees designated him for assignment, according to Chad Jenning of the Journal News. This was done to make room on the roster for the recently healthy Alex Rodriguez.

The entire thing makes me wonder if the Yankees really had properly evaluated Laffey before they got him. Yes, they need lefties, but Laffey is not exactly a lefty specialist. In his career he is barely better against lefties than righties (1.69 WHIP vs. LHB, 1.79 WHIP vs. RHB) and lefties fared better against him than righties last year (.308 BAA vs. LHB, .270 BAA vs. RHB). Either way they must have realized that they are wasting their time with him and would rather have Hector Noesi on the roster than Laffey.

What might make sense is if it were a block move, a deal that was only made to keep the Red Sox from adding another lefty to their pen and it backfired on them. Or maybe they thought they saw something they didn’t when they scouted Laffey. Whatever it is Laffey is gone and most Yankees fans will never remember he even existed.

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One Response to Yankees Release Aaron Laffey After Less Than 1 Week

  1. Susan says:

    I hope you had a happy birthday Rob! I was wondering why the blog wasn't being updated this weekend. I figured after AJ flamed out again on Saturday you must have went out and burned a house down or over turned some cars and got arrested. I am relieved this is apparently not the case.

    I am glad Noesi is staying on the roster. He might be the Aceves type guy we need for long relief or extra innings.

    My post season rotation would be:



    Colon – long relief
    Logan – lefty
    Noesi – long
    Soriano – 7th
    Robertson ♥ – 8th (yes, I have a crush on him) 🙂
    Rivera – CL
    Ayala – long/mop up

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