Yankees To Call Up Jesus Montero Tomorrow

Tomorrow is September 1 which means that major league rosters expand from 25 players to 40 and one player whom is definitely getting called up is top prospect Jesus Montero, according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post.

It’s about damn time.

Montero, 21, is ready for the major leagues after spending two full seasons at the Triple-A level. He started off slowly this season, but has really come on as of late and has improved his overall numbers. His OBP is .348 and his OPS is .814. The biggest knock on him is that he looks bored.

Meanwhile, the Yankees could have used this guy a long time ago. For one thing, he could have been used in April when Francisco Cervelli was out. Maybe then Russell Martin‘s hot streak wouldn’t have flamed out so quickly. They could have also used him as Martin’s backup all season long as Cervelli hasn’t provided much offensively or defensively this year.

Sherman reports that Montero will see a decent amount of playing time and will have a chance to play himself on the playoff roster. Although the playoff roster spot is supposedly a slim chance.

My guess is that he will take over as the backup catcher and will also get a chance to see a good amount of at bats as the DH. If he outperforms Jorge Posada or Cervelli or both he should have a real chance to play in October.

Sherman also reported that top pitching prospects Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances will not be called up this September. The Yankees don’t think either pitcher is quite major league ready as both need to work on their fastball command before being called up. Earlier this month general manager Brian Cashman said that he was only going to call people up based on merit instead of using it as a reward system.

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8 Responses to Yankees To Call Up Jesus Montero Tomorrow

  1. george says:

    Remember when the Yankees used to think pitching 1st, Defense 2nd? Remember when the Yankees use to think left field was a power position? Remember when the Yankees use to treat their young pitchers with respect? Remember when the bullpen wasn't a demotion for a pitcher it was the 1st stop and he earned his way into the rotation? Remember when the Yankees used to keep players on the roster/eligible for the play-offs because they were the better? Remember when the Yankees had catchers who were tough? Remember when the Yankees benched players when they sucked, and traded them a.s.a.p.? Remember the best owner in the league Mr. Steinbrenner, he loved baseball much more than horse racing. He loved his team and personally chose 99.9% of who played for him (player to be named later). Never forget you George we all cared because you cared and the players loved you for it. GB coventry ct

    • alcan says:

      great post

      • hardnose says:

        good point al and george. I'm hardnose today but you know me by another name al. I completely agree about Mr. Steinbrenner, the Boss. His kids don't have the love and passion for this team or so it appears. George was a blue collar type owner who wasn't afraid to get in anyone's face. And he was a good man off the field. His kids inherited the team but I don't see any real leadership.

    • What the hell are you talking about. I'm not sure you remember the Yankees under George Steinbrenner. He was more maddening than anything. Remember the time he traded Jay Buhner for a 3rd first baseman? Remember the 80's when the Yankees best pitcher was a nearly 40 Tommy John who was better known as a surgery at that point? Remember Steinbrenner harassing his best player until he was kicked out of the league and for once the Yankees ran themselves as they do today, like a baseball team instead of some rich kid's hobby?

      The past isn't always as rosy as it seems.

  2. Mike Sommer says:

    George, you contradict yourself. In one sentence, you mention pitching 1st, defense 2nd, and in the next, you decry Gardner's lack of power. What will it be? Gardner should win a Gold Glove this year. His DWAR led the AL in 2010 (1.9) and leads the majors this year (3.0). How far is Gardner ahead? Swisher is 2nd in the AL in DWar at a 1.6. So what will it be? Or do you want a Luzinski-esque slug in LF that'll provide power but No D? …. Agree with Rob. There was good to the Boss, but like a coin, he did have two sides… Lastly, Montero to start at DH tonight, MLB debut.

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