Yankees Will Not Get Pena After Claiming Him Off Waivers

Yesterday afternoon the Yankees were awarded a claim on Cubs first baseman Carlos Pena. Unfortunately for the Yankees who could use some DH help and a backup first baseman, the Cubs were not interested in trading him.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported yesterday that the Cubs didn’t like the offers they got for Pena at the trade deadline and pulled him off waivers because they figured that they wouldn’t get a better offer by just dealing with one team, the Yankees. A move would also open up a hole at first base that they would have to fill this offseason anyway and would like to see Pena return.

There isn’t a big reason to deal Pena financially either. He is playing on a one-year $10 million contract and despite the fact that there is $5 million in deferred payments, those payments are prorated and the Cubs would be on the hook for almost all of it anyway, according to Rosenthal.

Essentially what happened here is that the Cubs put Pena on waivers just in case he cleared and they could take offers from everybody. The Yankees, needing a DH, put in a claim for him, but since the Cubs could not only deal with one team they figured they might as well just keep him. In fact, according to Buster Olney of ESPN, the Yankees and the Cubs had not even discussed a possible deal as of last night.

It’s a shame the Yankees couldn’t pull off a deal for Pena. Jorge Posada is struggling, Eric Chavez is struggling, Alex Rodriguez is not completely healthy, and Mark Teixeira could use a backup first baseman. Pena could have improved the DH spot, become a bat off the bench, and an occasional first baseman.

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2 Responses to Yankees Will Not Get Pena After Claiming Him Off Waivers

  1. Marc Perez says:

    Is there any chance the Yanks would make a claim on Matsui if the A's placed him on waivers?
    He would be the perfect addition for the DH spot.

    • It doesn't matter if Matsui clears waivers or not because the Yankees wouldn't want him if he did.

      Matsui has a .327 OBP and a .716 OPS this season and he's a DH only. Right now the Yankees have been doing the platoon-DH thing, Posada has a .355 OBP, .822 OPS vs. righties and Andruw Jones has a .379 OBP, .905 OPS vs. lefties.

      If anything the Yankees need a bat off the bench that can hit righties and Matsui isn't it. He has a .331 OBP and a .674 OPS against righties. Pena would have been nice for this reason.

      If anything they need to call-up Jesus Montero.

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