Yankees Worried About Colon’s Durability

Via Chad Jenning of the Journal News:

“Obviously we’re trying to take precautions and give him extra rest,” Girardi said [when asked if he was concerned with Bartolo Colon‘s durablity]. “That is something that we’re trying to do. He had the one bad inning that really cost us (last night), but it’s something that we look at, yes.”

Colon got off to a great start this season. In 13 games, over 78.1 innings, he had just a 3.10 ERA and had a 4:1 strikeout to walk ratio. Since then he has been in eight games over 41.1 innings. His ERA is 3.70 over that span and his strikeout to walk ratio is barely better than 2:1.

His biggest problem has been command. There will be a huge difference in the results if a K:BB ratio drops a full two points. He just cannot control pitches in the zone like he used to be able to. That could be due to the injury, but it could just be general wear over the course of the season. Or it could be both.

Either way, the guy was one of the Yankees best pitchers before he got hurt. Since then he hasn’t been terrible, but it’s clearly not the same either. If the Yankees feel that they can do something to make him more effective than they need to do that.

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2 Responses to Yankees Worried About Colon’s Durability

  1. Joe says:

    Despite his K/BB ratio dropping like a rock the truth is he still has pitched pretty well recently with the exception of last night. IMHO it's his swing & miss stuff that appears to be the key missing ingredient as opposed to his location like u stated in the article. The ball is definitely not exploding to the plate like it was before he went on the DL. Check out his last 5 starts before last night

    6.0IP 2ER
    4.2 2ER
    5.0 2ER
    7.0 2ER
    6.1 1ER

    I mean that's still 3 real good starts, 1 okay start, and one sub-par.

  2. Joe says:

    continued…..Colon should still be okay IMO because he throws strikes and stays ahead though not as much last night. More times than others u can expect him to give u solid work for 6-7 innings. 7 Outta 10 times this Yankee lineup and bullpen will win u the game if you give them 6-7 innings of 2-3 run ball, and that's why they are 13-6 in games that Colon has started this season. Seems like everyone has been waiting all year for this guy to fail(not u Mr.Abruzzese) as there was already multiple articles regarding his shaky start last night when in reality they should have been focusing on the first blown replay call that probably cost NY the game. It's late August and his ERA is 3.54 his WHIP is 1.26 and people are still waiting for this guy to implode instead of just saying wow what comeback season from Bartolo Colon he's really been solid all year.

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