Boston Still In Hunt As Yankees Lose in 14

The Yankees had a chance to just about finish off the Boston Red Sox by sweeping them in this weekend’s three game series and they nearly did, but Jacoby Ellsbury their season with a 3-run shot that gave Boston a 7-4 victory.

The win keeps their playoff hopes alive as they stay a game ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays with just three games left to play in the Wild-Card race. The Yankees can still hurt Boston as they play the Rays this week and may end up resting quite a few of its regulars to prepare for their own playoff run.

The reason Boston was about to pull out the victory was because John Lackey actually pitched a good game holding the Yankees to three earned runs over six inning. The Red Sox bullpen then came in and allowed just one hit over seven innings. Then finally Ellsbury found the seats with a game winning shot off of Scott Proctor.

The bottom line is this was a meaningless game. However, Boston is still alive and there is a very good chance that the Yankee can face them again this season. That is a scary thought because while they are a flawed team, they are still a very good and dangerous team too. Josh Beckett and Jon Lester can compete with any 1-2 combination in the playoffs. The Yankees were smart not to push their regulars too far last night, but they may regret letting that game get away.

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