Don’t [email protected] with the Jesus: Montero Hits 2 Homers

Jesus Montero must have been really bored in Triple-A because he has been on fire in his first four games as a Yankee. A short career that is highlighted by his two-home run game against the Orioles this afternoon.

Facing Jim Johnson, who had only allowed three home runs up until today, Montero flashed some opposite field power when gave the Yankees a 9-8 lead with his first career home run in the 5th. Then in the 7th he hit his second home run, a two-run shot off Johnson, to put the Yankees up 11-8.

Montero was called up last week. He is expected to get the bulk of the at bats at DH vs. lefties, but if he keeps hitting like this he could very well get playing time against righties and maybe even make the playoff roster. He would probably have to beat out Jorge Posada for a roster spot.

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5 Responses to Don’t [email protected] with the Jesus: Montero Hits 2 Homers

  1. rafael rivera says:

    montero's first homerun didn't tie the game it gave us a 9 to 8 lead, and his second gave us an 11 to 8 lead. either than that good work bro.

  2. Matt says:

    We'll see how he hits over the next three weeks but if he keeps mashing I imagine he will beat out Posada for the postseason roster, with Dickerson making it as the fifth outfielder (if they carry 11 pitchers)

  3. hardnose says:

    I've followed Montero for a long time. He can be very streaky. Reminds me a little of Graig Nettles in that way.

    • Henry says:

      I have also followed Montero an even longer time and the he is actually pretty steady. He never goes into a big slump and always gets his share of hits but when he is hot boy can he hit. I think that those hot spells he has confused you. Don't worry we all make mistakes.

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