Ivan Nova Putting Himself in ROY Debate

Nobody could have thought it in the beginning of the year, but Ivan Nova is really making a name for himself in his rookie campaign and after winning 11 straight decisions he is forcing his way into the Rookie of the Year debate with a 15-4 record and a 3.89 ERA in 23 starts this season.

Last night’s start against the Blue Jays shows just how far he’s come in one short season as he ran into trouble early, but showed great poise as he settled down and blanked the Jays for six more innings. He also effectively used his slider, a new pitch that he started using with great effect since his midseason call-up.

He has some competition in the ROY race from fellow pitchers Jeremy Hellickson of the Rays, Michael Pineda of the Mariners, as well as from sluggers Eric Hosmer of the Royals and Mark Trumbo of the Angels. Nova’s stats are nearly as good as any of those players plus he has become an integral part of the Yankees playoff run with many fans now considering him their no. 2 behind CC Sabathia.

It’s been a season where Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon have shocked everyone with their success, but Nova’s ride has been just as eye opening and more important to the Yankees longterm plans.

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4 Responses to Ivan Nova Putting Himself in ROY Debate

  1. Alec says:

    no way dude, Trumbo's numbers are far superior, he's an everyday player, and his offense has been crucial to the Angel's succes so far.

  2. Harcore Yankee Fan says:

    Nova's pitching arguably "has been [even] more crucial" so far. An everyday player does not necessarily have more impact than a starting pitcher. When a starting pitcher plays, his impact on the outcome of the game is SIGNIFICANTLY higher than all other position players, unless that player has a monster game, which happens very rarely.

    As far as the numbers, Nova has a 2.2 WAR and Trumbo has a 1.9 WAR., though he probably closed the gap a bit tonight. Trumbo plays the least critical defensive position. Furthermore, Trumbo doesn't even sport an OBP of .300 and his BA of .256 leaves a lot to be desired. He does hit a decent amount of HRs but I think you're letting that have too much influence over your opinion.

    Even if one agreed that Trumbo was more deserving, it would be ridiculous to say that he is "far superior".

    • dan says:

      But once again, it comes down to Nova pitching in NY, which is a far more pressure position. And lets not forget he was basically kicked out of the rotation for a few months…

      Based on how bad the Yankees pitching is, and the fact its the YANKEES, Nova should get the nod.

      At the end of the day, a <4.00 ERA looks significantly better then a <260 BA.

  3. al21can says:

    Pitrching in NY is a big factor. Only other pitcher in the running is hellickson who pitches at the trop in front of of a couple thousand at that. Interesting numbers: Hellickson excels at the trop while Nova excels on the road. Oh, Nova has an impressive home record as well but his ERA is above four at Yankee stadium. I am guessing hellickson would be similar if he pitched at Yankee stadium considering he is more of a fly ball pitcher than Nova and has given up more HRs than Nova up to now. Interesting enough is Nova's road record which is unmatched by any rookie pitcher including hellickson. Nova has 12 road games to Hellickson's 13 and beats him in almost every catagory including ERA and WHIP.

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