Jesus Montero In Yankees Starting Lineup Tonight

The Yankees lineup has been posted and guess who is DH’ing and hitting seventh tonight? That’s right, their long awaited top prospect Jesus Montero will finally make his major league debut tonight in Fenway Park of all places.

The Yankees seem ready to give this kid a lot of playing time. Manager Joe Girardi said that he wouldn’t want to rush him behind the plate because Russell Martin and Francisco Cervelli know the pitching staff and are a lot more comfortable with them right now, but he didn’t rule it out. The bulk of his playing time will probably come as the DH though.

He’ll probably get a chance to play against just about every lefty the Yankees face as well. That’s because of his insane splits. This season Montero had a .392 OBP and a 1.039 OPS against lefties vs. a .330 OBP and a .728 OPS against righties. So for the rest of the season expect a platoon of Eric Chavez and Montero at DH with him occasionally playing behind the plate. Jorge Posada, is probably a strict bat off the bench for now on and will only occasionally get a start. Unless Montero has some serious growing pains.

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5 Responses to Jesus Montero In Yankees Starting Lineup Tonight

  1. hardnose says:

    so now Montero is our right handed platoon DH…they say he'll get a lot at bats but how is that possible if he's only facing lefties…the Yankees play Tampa for 6 or 7 games, he'll face David Price and maybe he gets Jon Lester again…do the Angels even have a left handed starter?

    i'd rather see him as a full time DH…Chavez hasn't exactly been lighting up the place…

    • stan middelschmirtz says:

      Neither is Montero. His numbers in AAA mean nothing. Hitting in the bigs is a lot different….Douche

      • highlander64 says:

        Right on. Montero can hit at AAA but you cant just give him both sides of the DH. How can you even say that he is better hitting against righties then Chavez a big league hitter. He may not even hit against lefties. Explain!

        • Harcore Yankee Fan says:

          I don't understand what you guys are trying to say. Top prospects get called up to play and play full time, all the time. That is the cycle of baseball. If the Yankees had a reliable DH, things would be different. But they don't. Montero is arguably a huge part of the future. There's no point in just watching him sit around doing nothing in lieu of two players who haven't done much and won't be on the team next year.

          Using your guys' logic, no AAA player would ever get promoted because there's already a "big league hitter" on the major league roster.

          • highlander64 says:

            Harcore-I like Montero. Not saying that he should not be up here. Isnt he playing against lefties because of his bat but against righties he is not as good. Down the stretch the Yankees should use him where they need him and maybe next year he gets to play fulltime. Great win last night. Awesome out pitch by Mariano to get Gonzo.

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