Jorge Posada Will Be Yankees DH In ALDS

The Tigers don’t have any lefty starters in their rotation so lefty killer Jesus Montero doesn’t look to be getting any starts. Instead it will be old faithful, Jorge Posada, who will get all five starts, according to Bryan Hoch of

“Our intent is to use Jorgie as our DH,” Girardi said. “We will go with that, and you just play it out.”

Posada hit .269 with an .814 OPS against righties this year so he should have no problem handling the starting duties. The question will be whether or not Joe Girardi is willing to use Montero to pinch hit against lefties.

Jack Curry of the YES Network tweeted earlier today that the Yankees aren’t expected to carry Austin Romine on ALDS roster so that would leave just Montero as the backup. If he pinch hits against lefties that would leave them with no backup catcher in the event of an emergency.

Of course the Tiger’s primary lefty out of the bullpen is former Yankee Phil Coke who was included in the Curtis Granderson trade.

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4 Responses to Jorge Posada Will Be Yankees DH In ALDS

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Uh, this makes me nervous. Montero can hit and Posada has been pretty poor this year – I'd like to see the lefty/rigthy splits for Montero. In reality this is just Girardi saying he's going with Posada instead of Romine, as there was no way Montero was being left off the roster.

    • keith says:

      girardi is right on. stats vs verlander prove that posada can hit verlander. in fact, the only hitter on the yanks that has a better ave. (300) and at least 20 ab's is jeter. cano/candyman/tex/swish/and a-rod cant even hit .200 against him. If verlander loses today, he loses by the longball.

  2. Bronx Knight says:

    I really see no need to worry about having a third catcher on the roster. Martin is your starting catcher, and Montero is your backup, and — guess who? — Posada is your emergency catcher.

  3. Fred says:

    Well if they play Posada at DH and Martin at C, Girardi would be unable to PH Montero without losing his cover at catcher.

    Unless you double switch and put Montero at catcher for a few innings… But 1. I doubt the Yanks would be comfortable with having him behind the plate and 2. You still can't PH him for Posada or you lose the DH.

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