Nova Brilliant as Leak Calls Him Playoff No. 2 Starter

ivan-novaEarly on Tuesday Tim Kurkjian of ESPN penned an article that had a quote from a Yankee team official that unofficially named Ivan Nova as the no. 2 starter come playoff time.

“Nova is going to get Game 2,” Kurkjian’s Yankees source said.

Later that evening Nova responded with a resounding, ‘ duh’ as he shutdown the Rays over 7.2 innings and beat them 5-0 at Yankee Stadium. There wasn’t really much of a question about it as he has gone 7-0 with a 3.32 ERA over nine starts since his promotion from the minors heading into Tuesdays game.

Over that same time span Bartolo Colon has a 4.85 ERA over nine starts and Freddy Garcia has a 5.83 ERA in just six starts. Garcia’s recent performance has been especially unsettling as he has allowed seven homers over his last four starts after he allowed just nine over his first 20 starts.

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2 Responses to Nova Brilliant as Leak Calls Him Playoff No. 2 Starter

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    I like this development. It's possible neither Colon or Garcia will even be with the team next year. But Rob, what I really want to know is, is there any chance of trading Burnett this off season? and would you swap him for Zambrano?

    • I would say that there is a very small, completely remote shot that a Burnett/Zambrano swap COULD happen. I would still be shocked, but with only one year left on Zambranos contract and two on Burnett's that they may discuss it for that reason alone. That would take a great leap of desperation from the Cubbies too.

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