Pedro Feliciano Will Never Pitch For the Yankees

The often abused former Mets pitcher, Pedro Feliciano, has not pitched for the Yankees once in the first year of his two-year deal and it looks like he will never pitch for them at all.

Feliciano has missed this entire season while rehabbing from a shoulder injury he sustained in spring training and now he is likely out for next season as well after undergoing rotator cuff surgery on September 8, according to Dan Barbarisi of the Wall Street Journal.

It was easy not to like the signing at the time as Feliciano was downright abused by the Mets. He has pitched in at least 86 games over each of the past three years. Pitching four or five nights in a row was a regular thing and he even pitched in six games in a row at least once. On top of that he pitched for Jerry Manuel over the past two years and he had a regular habit of warming his pitchers up in the bullpen without ever bringing them into a game.

This was a bad signing by the Yankees who can’t seem to figure out how to properly evaluate lefty relievers.

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11 Responses to Pedro Feliciano Will Never Pitch For the Yankees

  1. kevin says:

    Rob, you're right, he probably won't throw one pitch for the Yanks and at 35, his future doesn't look too good. He signed a 2 yr./ $8 mil contract, assuming he never pitches, does he still get all that $$ or some kind of prorated portion?

  2. Tony says:

    Yanks continue to be ignorant when it comes to pitchers. Over the last several years they got rid of Pivano (who was always hurt) and he blossomed, they got rid of Ian Kennedy and kept Hughes and Joba who have contributed very little while Kennedy has blossomed. Who the heck evaluates pitchers for this team anyway??

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Ignorant? Colon, Garcia, Wade and Ayala have been cheap STEALS this season. Are you really saying you would rather have Pavano (8-12, 4.50 in a NON-HR friendly park) back? … granted you can't predict injuries, but re: Kennedy. 1) The Yanks got an MVP candidate in Granderson for him. That can't be easily dismissed. 2) Kennedy had attitude problems in NY. Maybe AZ is better for his attitude than NY. 3) The NL West (SF lineup) can't hold a candle to the AL East (Boston lineup, for instance).

      • Marc Perez says:

        i agree with your post, but you cant see he had "attitude problems". he just wasn't capable of pitching under the NY spotlight.

  3. pack15forever says:

    I guess that you must be so much smarter than the Yankees. 20/20 hindsight is never wrong. The Yankees medical staff cleared Feliciano and he was a pretty good lefty reliever. If he had pitched this season and had a great year I'm certain that we wouldn't be hearing these criticisms. Cashman's contract is up and since you are so smart perhaps you should apply for the job.

  4. shavager says:

    Win some you lose some, my problem with Yankees, why waste money on big time "stars" like Kevin Brown, Carl Pavano, Feliciano, Burnett to start RIGHT NOW, when younger talented pitchers in AAA or young talent available from other teams to replace aging starters before they're done or groom them to move up into rotation. Yanks just brought up two-three young pitchers to 40 man roster–they should be off limits to trade propositions if Yankees think they're good enough to bring up. Brown was past prime, Pavano was a flame out and Burnett's yet to be figured out. Feliciano had age and too much arm wear against him, shoulda went after Greinke after Lee fizzled on the offer. Some one posted on another article that Yankees want to win NOW, they won with Jeter, Posada, Pettite, Rivera all these years bringing them in as young talent NOT aging castoffs or stars past their prime, they got Clemens while he was still in prime. Not saying you can't sign veterans that can contribute, but trading away prospects to get those vets can kill any teams future. Burnett should be in prime, straightening out his location/delivery may save his career otherwise a younger talent needs to be looked at.

    • Fred says:

      I get where you're coming from, but its a tough business. You can't just pick up a young solid starter anymore, Brown, Burnett and Pavano all seemed like solid additions at the time…

      And I'm glad the Yankees didn't go after Greinke. He's a headcase, has problems with big crowds, no way he would have made it under the scrutiny of the Bronx.

      • Marc Perez says:

        Greinke has documented anxiety problems, he would have never made it in the Bronx.

      • Mike Sommer says:

        When he was making excuses for his outings, and some of his teammates were not backing him up, that is a problem, and that is what was happening.

  5. shavager says:

    I think Rothschild might do something with Greinke but not sure about Girardi, he might've handled pitchers when he was behind the plate but I'm not impressed with him managing them. I'm a Yankees fan true blue, I'd rather the Yanks develop some good prospects instead of buying championships from other teams, huge bucks for a 2-3 year starter who's over the hill before you know it. If they got Feliciano real cheap, might've been worth the bucks had he contributed but not if there's a young guy with potential waiting for his shot. Not sure if Joba's gonna ever be any more for Yanks than he is now, Garcia and Colon are sliding, pitching is the Yankees Achilles heel and it'll be the difference in playoffs. Keep those bats swinging Yanks.

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