Romine and Montero Get Their Chance with Cervelli Out

Yankees backup catcher Francisco Cervelli‘s may not play this season or in the playoffs and if that’s the case he may be replaced with either Jesus Montero or Austin Romine, according to Brendan Prunty of the Newark Star-Ledger.

Girardi said that Cervelli is still experiencing concussion symptoms and that he will see a neurologist today to see when or if he can play again this season. With him gone for the playoffs the Yankees have no choice but to turn to one of the rookies.

It is possible that they could carry both players on the playoff roster and use Romine as the backup and Montero as the DH. That probably depends on how many pitchers the Yankees decide to carry on the playoff roster. It could also depend on how each performs behind the plate for the remainder of the year.

So far the Yankees have shown a clear preference for Romine defensively. He seems quite a bit more polished defensively and is more like Russell Marin where as Montero is more like Jorge Posada defensively. Montero’s bat may be too much to keep out of the lineup though.

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3 Responses to Romine and Montero Get Their Chance with Cervelli Out

  1. Alex Taffet says:

    I'd much rather carry Montero over Romine, and since it is highly unlikely Posada is left off, the Yankees should go without a true backup catcher. It's unlikely Romine would even play, and were something to happen to Martin, Montero or Posada could be used in an emergency.

  2. David K. says:

    Definitely we should carry Montero. We probably can carry Romine also, since I don't see the point of carrying a lot of extra pitchers who we'll never use in post-season except in a huge blowout loss. Go with just ten pitchers, esp. first round.

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    I'd like to see if Montero can be converted into a 3Ber, the same position switch Joe Torre made. But please, how can you leave his bat off the playoff roster, or Romine's glove. Posada has to be the odd man out. It sucks for him, but it's what is right for the team. Also I can see Burnett AND Hughes being left off the roster, right? They both suck, and Hughes has got a bad back.

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