Rumor: Yankees Continue to Scout Yu Darvish

Via George King of the NY Post:

The Yankees sent scout Rick Williams to Japan to watch pitching sensation Yu Darvish recently after Billy Eppler, the team’s head of pro scouting, saw the 25-year-old right-hander hurl for the Nippon Ham Fighters.

Darvish, a Japanese big leaguer since 2007, is expected to be posted by the Ham Fighters after this season and draw considerable interest from multiple major league teams.

He is 16-4 with a 1.54 ERA this year and has a career record of 74-26.

It makes sense that the Yankees are scouting Darvish. He’s a very good, young pitcher and he may be the biggest name on the free agent market. Unless of course the Yankees believe C.J. Wilson can be a front of the rotation starter or maybe Edwin Jackson.

They are going to need a starter as it is very likely that one or both Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia are not back next season and bounce back seasons from A.J. Burnett and Phil Hughes are far from guaranteed. They have young rookie starters available to call up like Hector Noesi or David Phelps, but the Yankees would probably prefer them to fight for the no. 5 spot instead of giving them prominent innings in the rotation.

So it makes sense that they are scouting Darvish. The question becomes, will they like him enough to make a big enough offer to land him.

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7 Responses to Rumor: Yankees Continue to Scout Yu Darvish

  1. David K. says:

    After getting burned by signing Japanese pitchers, everything else being equal, C.J. Wilson seems to be the better choice to go after. Have you heard that the size of the ball is different in Japan? If so, then no wonder it's such a crap shoot landing a decent Japanese pitcher. You just never know how they will handle it, and pitchers are so finicky. If we go after a Japanese pitcher, I'd rather get a reliever; there seem to be a lot of decent Japanese relievers.

  2. DSRG says:

    Dice-K. Irabu. Igawa. Enough already with the Japanese pitchers. My money says Adam Warren will be the next under-the-radar Ivan Nova-type to emerge from the farm system, followed by the highly-touted duo of Banuelos and Betances in a year or two. Trust the farm! Works for the Rays.

  3. hardnose says:

    DSRG, keep an eye on Graham Stoneburner as well. He was injured this year but he could make the rise to AAA if healthy in 2012. Haven't gotten any recent updates on his condition though.

  4. Travis L. says:

    I'd look at David Phelps or even DJ Mitchell. Both have showed that they can do wonders as a number 5, with Phelps possibly being a number 4. I'd still like to see Darvish throw for the Yankees (if he is as good as he sounds) instead of Boston or Texas. Daniels (Texas GM) is said to hold Darvish in high favor. The Yankees have the money to spend, and it might work.

  5. hardnose says:

    The Yankees know that they need pitching to compete long term…I don't know enough about Darvish to know what his potential is…i guess the hope is that Banuelos and/or Betances becomes a front-line starter but that may or may not happen…better to have a few more options…i like these young pitchers though trying to make the team…we have some very good talent in the system…

  6. Fred says:

    Even if we sign Darvish and he completely sucks, what's the worst case scenario?

    I know its bad for the team's finances, but in terms of on field play, Irabu and Igawa really didn't slow us down much. As long as we don't put all of our eggs in the Darvish basket, he could just be an expensive and slightly risky investment.

    You guys are talking about Japanese pitchers, but Japanese batters are just as much of a crapshoot, as shown by the Twins and Nishioka this year (among others). But last time we went across, we got Hideki Matsui. I trust our guys to know who will translate over well and who won't.

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