Russell Martin Gets Tossed for Making a Joke

Via Marc Carig of the Star-Ledger:

I asked him if he had stretched before the game,” Russell Martin explained. “And he said ‘what?’ Turned around, walked around me. ‘Excuse me?’ Did you stretch before the game? And he’s like, looks at me kind of funny. I’m like ‘you’re kind of tight right now.’ And he tossed me right out of the game. I was like ‘what happened?’ I thought this was fun, I thought this was a game… And I didn’t say it in a way that’s condescending. I was just trying to loosen some things up a little bit because I felt he wasn’t really having a good time. And yeah, so he threw me out. I didn’t say he sucked, I didn’t say he was the worst umpire in the league, I didn’t say any of that stuff. I just made a joke and then he threw me out. No warning, nothing. Just gone.”

That’s about as funny a way to get thrown out of a baseball game as I can remember happening.

Phil Hughes was the pitcher on the mound at the time. He might have been getting squeezed a bit, but a look at the Pitch FX data shows that there were only two pitches that were called balls that should have been strikes so it wasn’t too egregious. It was a tight strike zone for both teams all game long though.

Still, it seems like it was a bit of an overreaction for Martin to get tossed so quickly. I guess umpires can’t take a joke.

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4 Responses to Russell Martin Gets Tossed for Making a Joke

  1. Frank Spero says:

    i guess umps are getting too big for their collective britches i think they better look a little closer at the pitches and less at their egos

  2. RickyT says:

    "You're kind of tight right now," probably doesn't merit being tossed, but I'm not sure that I see anything "funny" about it. I guess if you are, in fact, tight, maybe you don't want to be told you are. When I'm tight, I don't really see much humor in being told I am being that way. Maybe Russell needs to buy himself a book of jokes if he wants to be careful not to offend the umps in the future.

  3. coolnewyorker says:

    I like Russ. Any pinstripe player who openly declares his hatred for Red Sox is my kind of Yankee, whether or not he can tell a joke.

    I like the way Joe looks at him after he was thrown out. I like the way Martin does not look at him, in return. At least he knows whom to hate and not joke around with.

  4. shavager says:

    With some of the pitch calls I've seen in games this year I'm not surprised MLB hasn't issued some type of memo to umps to at least be consistant. If that's all Martin said, I see no reason to be ejected for it, it was either received sarcastically or more is behind the story. Either way, if this were a playoff or World Series game it would be a big PR problem for league.

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