Yankees Call-Up Dellin Betances, Could Use Him

In a move that has been anticipated all week, the Yankees finally called-up their third best prospect, Dellin Betances, on Friday.

It was thought to be a move that was meant to get him experience and used to being in the majors but manager Joe Girardi indicated that he wouldn’t hesitate to use Betances if needed.

“If we need him, we’re going to use him,” Girardi told Bryan Hoch of MLB.com. “He’s been a starter in his career, so he really hasn’t pitched out of the bullpen. If we got a long-relief situation, we could use him for a couple innings and maybe get his feet wet.”

Still, I doubt we’ll see much of Betances if we see him at all. It’ll probably take a combination of an overly taxed bullpen and a blowout score for him to get in a game. But hey, it could happen as the Yankees only have one off day for the rest of the season.

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