Yankees Call-Up Scott Proctor, 2 Others

Yesterday the news leaked that the Yankees were calling up top prospect Jesus Montero, but he isn’t the only one added to the roster now that they have expanded to 40-men. They also plan on adding former Yankee Scott Proctor, third baseman Brandon Laird, and outfielder Chris Dickerson, according to Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News.

That means that the Yankees are going to need to add both Montero and Proctor to the 40-man roster. Laird and Dickerson are already on it. That very well could mean the end of two of Steve Garrison, Aaron Laffey, Lance Pendleton, or Kevin Whelan.

The biggest part of this news is of course the return of Proctor. Proctor of course was famous for being over used by Joe Torre to the point where general manager Brian Cashman pleaded with Proctor and coaches to talk to Torre in an attempt to get him to stop the abuse.

Some people have reacted strongly about Proctor’s return. He was never all that good to begin with and the years of Torre abuse certainly took its toll on his health. It does seem unnecessary, but it really doesn’t matter. With the roster at 40 it’s not like they can’t carry an extra pitcher. Plus, Proctor will likely be used as mop-up in no-leverage situations so it’s not like he’s going to be able to do much harm anyway.

Dellin Betances and Manny Banuelos were not called up and will not be this season as the Yankees feel they still need to work on their fastball command. It is also worth noting that Banuelos is not on the 40-man roster and does not need to be protected from the Rule 5 draft so there is no reason to put him on at this point anyway.

Somebody like George Kontos is one player who it is a bit surprising that he wasn’t called up. Kontos has had a very sucessful season as a reliever this year and will eventually need to be protected in the Rule 5 draft which means he will be put on the 40-man roster this offseason anyway. There is a chance that he will be called up after the Triple-A season is over.

The only other minor leaguer that I really find intriguing is Andrew Brackman. Brack-monster has had an absolutely terrible season. However, he has really turned things around over the past couple of weeks. He is also already on the 40-man roster. Perhaps the Yankees will call him up just to see if they still like his stuff and future.

Any other minor leaguers you want or were expecting to be called up?

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