Yankees Going with Mostly Regulars Against Tampa

After last night’s 14 inning victory over the Yankees, the Red Sox sit a game ahead of the Rays for the Wild-Card lead. Many fans were hoping that the Yankees would help the Rays get to the playoffs over the Red Sox by running out an inferior lineup, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Instead the Yankees are pretty much running out their A-lineup with the exceptions of Mark Teixeira and Nick Swisher, who are both sitting. In their place are Jorge Posada and Eduardo Nunez respectively (Yes, that means Nunez is in right field).

It’s probably for the best because as much as some fans would want to see the Yankees take it easy over these next three games it would be in bad form. They at least have to put forth a reasonable effort to compete in these games. It wouldn’t hurt them if they took the regulars out early though.

On the mound the Yankees have rookie Hector Noesi. With all of the rain, makeup days, and double headers this would probably be happening anyway. Besides, at this point Noesi is probably just as good as most of the alternatives.

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