Yankees Lose to Orioles In Rain After 11 Innings

The Yankees lost a tough one on Wednesday as the Orioles beat them in the 11th inning on a Mark Reynolds RBI-single off that gave them a 5-4 lead as the two teams played through the rain for most of the game at Yankee Stadium.

There were a number of mistakes that ended up costing the Yankees the game. Eduardo Nunez‘s two errors probably being the biggest since Mark Angle’s game winning run came after he reached on one of his two errors. Russell Martin was also bad behind the plate today as the Orioles stole five bases off him and three of those runners eventually came around to score.

Let’s not forget A.J. Burnett‘s role in this. He didn’t pitch terribly, but it certainly could have been a better start. His biggest mistake was giving up the home run to Nolan Reimold in the 3rd, laying a fastball down the middle after falling behind in the count. Burnett also cost himself by not covering first base consistently. There were three plays at first he could have made today, but was only able to cover the base once out of those three attempts.

Wild A.J. also showed up big time. He tossed three wild pitches, bringing his total on the season to 23. That ties him for 6th place all-time for the single season mark and ties him for most all-time by a Yankee in one season (Tim Leary was the other in 1990). All of the pitchers who have thrown more wild pitches in a single season all pitched at least 30 more innings than Burnett has to this point.

All of the Yankees offense today came in two quick bursts. Alex Rodriguez had a two-RBI double in the 1st inning that gave them a 2-1 lead. Then Jesus Montero tied the game at 4-4 after he nearly missed a home run before he ended up with a two-RBI double.

The biggest question in this game was perhaps why Derek Jeter didn’t play at all? Nunez clearly wasn’t having his best day and when Girardi pinch hit for him in the 11th he used Eric Chavez in a spot appropriate for The Captain. Girardi had been trying to get all of his regulars out of the lineup today, but eventually put everyone but Jeter in the game once the Yankees tied it. This is probably just nitpicking, but maybe Jeter comes through where Chavez didn’t or at least could have played a better shortstop than Nunez.

At any rate, the Yankees six-game winning streak is over and they will go to Baltimore to play one more tomorrow. Ivan Nova will be on the mound for the Bombers.

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12 Responses to Yankees Lose to Orioles In Rain After 11 Innings

  1. uncle al says:

    I didn't think they looked loose at all.

    • Fred says:

      Yeah, probably because they just finished a game at 2 AM that morning.

      Tough loss, but what are you gonna do? We were bound to drop one to the O's in this rain soaked mess of a series.

  2. Harcore Yankee Fan says:

    I realize they were tired after last night, but they are in a division title race and I for one would have like to have seen something better than a AA/AAA lineup.

  3. Casey says:

    “Yankees Lose” is what they did. Just a combination of bad weather and E’s galore. Burnett didn’t look too great. The last 2 days have been rough. Loose?? No.

  4. hardnose says:

    The Yankees need these games. They have a tough schedule coming up with Boston, Anaheim and 2 series with the Rays…they need to take Thursday's game…

  5. hardnose says:

    I'm starting to feel a little down on Hector Noesi…

    • A rookie pitcher who was never considered a big time prospect in the intense scrutiny of the Bronx who has put up a 3.56 ERA, a 6.9 K/.9, and a 2.8 BB/9 who has a 1.74 ERA over his last seven appearances. If that doesn't do anything for you then I'd suggest lowering your expectations.

      • hardnose says:

        over the past 15 innings Noesi has given up 9 runs, has he not? I just don't have the confidence I once had in this kid. Yes, he is a rookie and certainly playing in NY during crunch time is important to consider but right now, I'm not loving Hector Noesi…don't hate the guy and I believe he could be good but….

        • hardnose says:

          and I'm not trying to knock Hector Noesi…it is very difficult for players to deal with the pressures of playing for the Yankees…the expectations are so great…that's why I'm very impressed with veterans like CC who can come to New York and perform well…we've seen a slew of veteran pitchers struggle in New York due in part to the pressures of playing for a team and fans that expect to win each year…New York is not a place for the faint of heart…

  6. Dan Phillips says:

    They are depending on a broken stick, named AJ. He is not and will never be Yankee quality!

  7. hardnose says:

    It would be nice to see AJ come through with a solid post-season.

  8. Mike Sommer says:

    A.J. probably won't be ON the postseason roster.

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