Yankees May Call Up Dellin Betances After All

Via Jack Curry of the YES Network:

Betances might soon join the Yankees. When I asked Cashman about it, he said he first wanted to discuss it w Girardi, but it was possible.

The Yankees had previously stated that they would not call up Dellin Betances or Manny Banuelos, but they could change their minds on Betances. The catch would be that he probably wouldn’t pitch. Instead it would be like when they called up Andrew Brackman last season, he came to the Bronx and didn’t get into a single game. He was more there for the experience.

It seems doubtful that they would call up Banuelos too. The reason is because Betances is already on the 40-man roster and Banuelos is not. Considering that they do not need to protect Banuelos from the Rule 5 draft this year there is no need to add him now and burn a roster spot that can be used this offseason. With Betances he can be called up and it wouldn’t matter.

For that same reason it is possible that Brackman could be called up as well, although Curry nor any other reporters has brought this up as a possibility. My reasoning is that he is on the 40-man roster already and despite a terrible season, he finished strong and one way or another the Yankees are going to have to make a decision on him as well. Like Betances, he probably wouldn’t appear in a game, at most maybe an inning or two.

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