Jorge Posada and 7 More Yankees Become Free Agents

The Yankees had eight players file for free agency today. Those players are Luis Ayala, Eric Chavez, Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia, Andruw Jones, Damaso Marte, Sergio Mitre, and Jorge Posada.

Of these players, Marte is definitely not coming back. Posada is also likely to retire and it is hard to imagine Mitre comes back. The Yankees might not want Colon back after he wore down toward the end of the season, but if he is willing to agree to a non-guaranteed contract like he did last offseason it is possible he could be back.

The Yankees would likely be willing to take the rest back. However they will all likely test the waters of free agency in an attempt to land either more money or more playing time elsewhere.

The only one of the players who qualifies as a Type-A or Type-B free agent is Garcia, who is a Type-B. That means if the Yankees offer him arbitration and he declines, they could then get a draft pick if he signs else where. The rest do not qualify and it is doubtful the Yankees will offer any of them arbitration.

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6 Responses to Jorge Posada and 7 More Yankees Become Free Agents

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    All 8 are over 30. Offer Garcia arbitration. To the rest, adios muchachos. But how about Burnett for Bay, and then package Swisher and Hughes for a starting pitcher. Doesn't have to be an ace, even a reliable, not too old, 3rd or 4th starter would be okay.

  2. shavager says:

    Bring back Posada as DH, Chavez if he wants to play–turn the rest loose. Time for Yankees to get a youth movement going starting with pitching staff. If Sabathia opts out and won't sign for 3 years, move on with younger player, FA or consider trading for a starter.

  3. ron says:

    if chamberlin left aj andthey realley could get something for teixeira id be glad. i just dont feel right letting posada go .but i dont think joe likes him.

    • Christina says:

      Yes exactly my thoughts keep Posada another year so Jetter and Rivera can play together
      one more year they'll take World Series in 2012 make it there 28th win and then all
      3 can retire. But Joe is so jealous of Posada that he would not allow this to happen. Joe
      the Loser since Posada took his spot ever since then he's had it for Posada.

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