Back to the Bronx: AJ Burnett Saves the Yankees Season

Despite a shaky first inning and a homer to Victor Martinez, A.J. Burnett actually pitched a pretty good game, even if it was a bit nerve wracking, as the Yankees beat the Tigers 10-1 in Detroit to even the ALDS at two games apiece.

It was really a best case scenario for Burnett as he went 5.2 innings and held the Tigers to just one run despite allowing eight base runners.

It was a case of deja vu as Burnett was almost in an exactly identical situation in game four of the ALCS against the Rangers last season. In that scenario Burnett had held the Rangers to no runs over five innings, but allowed five runs over the next two innings and blew the game. Today A.J. came out in the 6th with a 4-1 lead, but it was a different fate this time.

The Yankees scored two runs in the 3rd, two more in the 5th, but really broke out offensively in the 8th. Alex Rodriguez got two hits that inning as the Yankees batted around and picked up seven hits overall.

Rafael Soriano had a big 1.1 innings where he held the Tigers down in a key spot. Phil Hughes came in after the Yankees blew the game open and pitched brilliantly. His fastball actually reached 95 mph and he threw nine strikes in 13 pitches.

The Yankees and Tigers are back at it on Thursday with rookie Ivan Nova starting against Doug Fister. Have to imagine CC Sabathia and Justin Verlander will be lurking in the bullpen for that game too, but the Yankees pen is well rested with David Robertson and Mariano Rivera getting Tuesday night off.

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11 Responses to Back to the Bronx: AJ Burnett Saves the Yankees Season

  1. David K. says:

    It's about time Jesus Montero got an AB. It took an elimination game for Girardi to work him into the lineup as a PH. A.J. was lucky tonight. He was one step from falling over the cliff in the first inning. I hope no one is seduced into believing that he can be relied upon. Whatever happens the rest of this postseason, the first thing we have to do this winter is to get rid of Burnett.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Get rid of him? To whom? Who is going to take him at two years and $33 Million? The reality is, nobody.

      • David K. says:

        That's right but we have to do whatever it takes, eat his whole contract if need be. My point is that we are a BETTER team without this guy. Anyone, I mean anyone, is better than this guy. How much more of this craziness do we have to take before the front office swallows its medicine?

  2. Jaime B. says:

    Hater… He wasn't lucky… Granderson misplayed the ball in the first inning… and AJ hadn't pitched in 9 days or whatever… Need to give Burnett credit.

  3. Bronx_Knight says:

    OK everybody, I know this is hard, but repeat after me: I love AJ, I love AJ, I love AJ, AJ is my hero.

  4. Bronx_Knight says:

    Guilty as charged. I love him just for today. I reserve the right to go back to saying he sucks if he screws up his next start.

  5. Jaime says:

    If CC pitches poorly next game.. Reserve the right to say he sucks..

    • Yeah, except you would be ignoring an entire Hall of Fame caliber career. That's usually the first step toward good analysis, ignore the large sample size in favor of a 1 game sample.

      • Bronx_Knight says:

        Wow, CC to the Hall … that's interesting. Certainly not if he were to retire tomorrow, but … to date: 176 wins over 11 seasons, averaging 17 wins per season, career ERA of 3.51, the past three years 3.37 or lower. He just turned 31 and has average 226 innings per year since he was 20, never less than 180.

        Project that forward by 8 years gets him to 312 wins at age 39 … Wow. Maybe an interesting topic for the Hot Stove League.

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