Cashman Will Not Let A-Rod’s Opt-Out Effect Dealing with Sabathia 17

When Alex Rodriguez‘s opt-out clause was looming following the 2007 season, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman made it very clear that if he opted-out of his deal that the two sides would not negotiate another deal.

Obviously it didn’t exactly happen that way and A-Rod signed a mega deal with Hank Steinbrenner (who has lost all practical power since) and without his agent Scott Boras as well.

However this time around with CC Sabathia it won’t be quite the same thing. Cashman told Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News that one situation will have no barring on the other.

“I don’t think one has anything to do with the other,” Cashman said of the A-Rod/Sabathia comparison. “It may be something that needs to be addressed. He has a decision to make… He’s been an important part of our success and he’s someone we would obviously love to have stay with us.”

Translation: He is going to deal with Sabathia even if he opts-out of his deal.

Unlike with A-Rod a few years ago, CC will certainly have other suitors vying for his services. Also unlike A-Rod, Sabathia’s departure will have huge consequences as there are not obvious replacements for him on the free agent or trade markets.

Meanwhile, the Yankees biggest area of need is their starting rotation and searching for another front man as well as some middle of the rotation guys will be nearly impossible to do at the same time.

So it appears that opt-out or not, the Yankees will make their best effort to keep CC in the Bronx.

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17 thoughts on “Cashman Will Not Let A-Rod’s Opt-Out Effect Dealing with Sabathia

  • David K.

    It's not my money they'd be throwing away by resiging him if he opts out, but I feel it would be a mistake to make another A-Rod type mega-contract. I think I speak for most Yankee fans on this one: he doesn't deserve any more money. Let him go if he opts out.

  • Bronx_Knight

    Sabathia has us by the short hairs. He's a proven 20-game winner, was the second-best pitcher in the AL this year, and eats innings like boxes of Cap'n Crunch. His production cannot be replaced by anybody out there in the short term. He's currently owed $23 M per year for 4 years. We should at least be prepared to go to something like $25 M per year for 5 years. At least. I can guarantee you that the Yankees management knew this was going to happen when they game him the year-three opt-out.

  • Bronx_Knight

    Oh, I did some math on CC: He pitched 237 innings this year, won 19 games, and got paid $23 million. That's $1,210,000 per win, $97,000 per inning, and $32,348 PER OUT.

    And that's the American pastime, folks.

  • Tanned Tom

    Re-signing Sabathia is dicey. I'm uncomfortable with paying this fat guy big money past age 35. A very good pitcher, yes. But all the signs for a physical decline are there: 50 pounds overweight, had knee surgery last off season, has thrown a TON of innings, and wants to be paid top dollar past age 35. Just look at A-Rod to see how this could turn ugly for the Yanks. If he's prepared to be reasonable, then okay. Say add a year and small bump in pay, then okay. More than that and we may have to let him waddle away.

  • Frank Spero

    boy i was right the boss must definitely be turning over in his grave these assholes (cash hank and little boss) are surely going to screw up the yankees they have somewhat done so already. no pitching last year, somehow pissing off cc, screwing with the farm, what the hell are they doing TRYING to act tough !!!!!!!!

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