Cashman: Wouldn’t be Fair to Sabathia to Start Him Game 2

Via Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports:

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman ruled out on Saturday morning the possibility of Sabathia starting Game 2 on Sunday and then coming back to pitch Game 5 on three days rest, if necessary.

“We don’t think that’s fair to him,” Cashman said. “If we want the real CC Sabathia, I don’t think you’re going to see that pitcher if you do that. No matter how much will and intestinal fortitude you have, I don’t think you’ll get that pitcher that day if you do that.”

If this were the World Series I would hope the Yankees would push Sabathia as far as they can, but this is only the first of three rounds. Burning out CC now would only hurt the team for the next two.

The right thing to do is to use him in game three on Monday like they plan and having him for relief in game five if there is an emergency. This way he is also lined up to start game one of the ALCS should they make it that far.

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