Do the Yankees Trade or Hold On to Montero?

The Yankees top prospect Jesus Montero finally made his major league debut this past September. He made quite a splash too, but after years of hearing his name in trade rumors, will the Yankees resist trading him again this offseason?

That’s a hard question the Yankees are going to have to ask themselves. On one hand, their lineup is not getting any younger and injecting a bat like his at his age might be too much to pass up. On the other hand, the Yankees are always in need of pitching.

The answer is probably the same as it’s always been – they would rather not trade him, but if the right deal came across for the right pitcher, they might.

John Harper pondered this same question in the Daily News today. Some of the names that could be available included Matt Cain, Gio Gonzalez, Trevor Cahill, Mat Latos, and James Shields. He seemed to find Cain the most intriguing as the Giants are in need of offense and he is set to become a free agent after the 2012 season.

What do you think? Should the Yankees still shop Montero for the right pitcher? Or is his offense too important especially as Alex Rodriguez and others enter their decline.

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35 Responses to Do the Yankees Trade or Hold On to Montero?

  1. Marc Perez says:

    I think Cain would be worth it if we could guarantee a contract extension.

    • Jack Goldstein says:

      The Giants would be foolish to make this trade. Posse is their catcher and wants to catch, Montero, if he could play the outfield he would be a Swisher replacement in a year and a bench player now against left handed pitching. But, he can't play the outfield. The Giants have a young first baseman named Belt. He, Belt already is known for having a gold glove ability. So where would Montero play for the Giants? As far as Cain is concerned he is a fine young pitcher but the Giants need offense and I don't see a match with the Yanks.

  2. bigbossman28 says:

    Are you kidding me? Cain is a good pitcher but he pitched in the worst offensive division in baseball. Not to mention Petco and Dodger Stadium are two pitchers parks. Yankee stadium, Fenway, Camden Yards, The Trop are all hitters ballparks. I say you keep montero promote internally. CC, Nova, Hughes, Betances(For a part of the season then bring up Banuelos), Fifth Starter(Free agent preferably….. Buerhle, Darvish, Wainwright, Wilson)

    • mark says:

      I agree keep Montero, with Posada gone and Cervelli questionable that leave us with Russell Martin, we need this young kid don't trade him.

  3. I agree, I would trade him for Cain, It's true all that about a bad division but he has been consistent and the most important is the way he did it in during postseason ERA 0.00, he has nothing else to prove

  4. MIKE S. says:


  5. Tanned Tom says:

    Nice problem to have: keep a kid who kills left handers, or trade him and pick up a ace-type pitcher. Win-win, i think. It's a tough call. Before he was called up, I would have traded him for a Clif Lee-caliber pitcher. After watching him hit, I'm less sure. Probably the plan should be to commit to developing young pitchers from within, and find a place for this kid's bat. Sometimes catchers can be converted into 3Bers (see Joe Torre), and with A-Rod's impending physical disintegration (typical of ex-steroid users), this might be the time to buy the kid an infield glove and see what he can do. It comes down to this: signing a star as a free agent (like Teixeira) usually involves overpaying for him in salary and the draft choices you give, BUT trading a player like Montero for a star seems like paying for him twice – the free agent-level salary the star will command, and giving up Montero, who it is fairly certain to be better than the draft picks you'll lose. I say keep him and trade UNPROVEN talent if you need to acquire a pitcher.

    • Very good point, but nobody will give us good pitchers for unproven talent, every team wants something ridiculous from the Yankees, Halladay, Lee, CC, Oswalt, Greinke, etc were traded for X Y or Z but when we are involved they ask for Nova, Montero, Banuelos or Betances

      • And I was considering trading Montero for Cain, because we have ARod and Teixeira stuck there, I would be so happy If we could get ride of ARod,
        Very difficult winter because also we shouldn't overpay CC It doesn't matter what's the case

        • guest says:

          A who? Did we have some one by that name? If Jorge is washed up, what is ARod?

        • Tanned Tom says:

          It's not a bad idea, though I'm completely in agreement about getting rid of Rodriguez, worst contract ever. Maybe they can void it due to the steroid use, or swallow some of the money and ship him , if he'll waive his no trade clause. If Hank Steinbrenner isn't the biggest horse's ass in NY sports I don't know who is.

  6. David K. says:

    This is a no-brainer. Hold on to Montero and let him develop here! As the second consecutive post-season elimination proves, this team has a lot of problems and trading Montero for a pitcher will not solve them. Montero is part of the solution long term. We need great young hitters in addition to pitching. Our best bet is to try to develop as many of our young pitchers as possible while we keep eliminating aging players. When Posada is gone, Montero fits in very nicely as catcher/DH. Why trade him? There is no one starting pitcher out there who is as valuable as I think Montero will become very soon.

    • Bernard Sandow says:

      David, kudo's to you. The decision to keep Montero couldn't have been explained any better then you did. He could very well be the coming of the next Miguel Cabrera and or Manny Ramirez.

  7. The Mike S. above isn't me. Just pointing that out. As far as Cain, who would the Yanks give up for him? Why would the Giants take Montero? They have Buster Posey and don't need a catcher. There is no DH in the NL. Montero hasn't played another position so far. 1B? I don't think the Giants are ready to give up on Brandon Belt just yet. Montero isn't a fit for SF. So how do you get Cain if Montero isn't a fit?

    • If ARod went from Shortstop to 3B, Berkman from 1B to RF, Why Montero couldn't move from catcher to 1B and Belt has played RF before.
      It's just suppositions.
      The best would be if we can keep him, Banuelos and Betances and use them, just watch what Tampa did with Moore in the first postseason game,
      But I don't understand what's going on here with our prospects, we had Chamberlain, Hughes and Kennedy and now we already gave away one of them and It seems like the other 2 are just end of the rotation or relievers. If that's going to be the case again I wouldn't be mad getting Kershaw, Cain or Shields

  8. Phil says:

    KEEP HIM. Get rid of the three stooges.

  9. Takashi Kamisato says:

    Do not trade Montero. He is the best hitter they have right now and he will get better. If you trade him, the Yankees will regret the decision for a long time. He is young and I did not see why Giradi did not use him more in the playoff because I'm pretty sure he can hit the right handers as well. If he was in the line up with his power at the plate the pitchers would have been more careful and would walk him. The thing with the Yankees is that they can hit a lot of homeruns but they don't have any baserunners on base.

  10. nycsportzfan says:

    how about keep montero and see if u can get Cahill from the A's for a cheaper trade like Betances/nunez/Kontos? Then re-sign CC and u got CC/Cahill/Nova/Hughes/Garcia

  11. Pablo says:

    Negative, are you kidding/playin around? Although Cain is a good pitcher, I say you keep montero and promoteinternally. Keep a look out of CC's decision, you have Nova, Hughes, and bring up Banuelos, for the Fifth Starter they can go aftr Free agents such as Buerhle, Darvish, Wainwright, Wilson. This will avoid giving up Montero, a great young addition to the Yankee line up.

  12. Wainwright is not a free agent. He has a team option that they are very likely to pick up.

  13. Dr. D says:

    I have to admit, I heard alot about Montero as a catcher in the minors, but after I saw him STROKE a opposite field shot deep into the right field seats, then batted admirbaly aganist Detroit, when givin the chance, I've concluded that if we trade him, we will suffer the consequences for many years. He has a natural hitting stroke, WITH POWER. Some option's might be to make him a backup 1st basemen for Tex and catcher for Martin. He can always DH.

  14. alcan says:

    in the real world of baseball there must be a fit for a player. Montero's prolific bat certainly outweighs whatever flaws he has behind the dish. However, the yankees do have a kid named Sanchez who is only 18 and he is projected to have even a better bat than montero and is also a defensive wiz behind the dish. Making Montero a DH/1ST/RF would be the way to go with him… Can the yanks fit him into one of those roles? Or do they trrade him fro much needed pitching and use Martin and Romine to bridge to Sanchez? No one has mentioned Sanchez on here although if you look at all the scouting reports they drool over Sanchez.

    • Henry says:

      Are you serious. I have read all the scouting reports and without question Sanchez is not a defensive wiz. He had 21 passed balls this year. While he has great hitting potential he is not rated as having a better bat than Montero. Baseball America has ranked Montero as arguably the best hitting prospect in baseball for a while now. If anything it is possible Sanchez might be moved to another position. Romine is the best defensive catcher we have but he does not have the bat Montero or Sanchez have. I will never forget those two opposite field home runs Monty hit. You need to check your sources because their is a lot of misinformation out there.

    • Henry says:

      There are no scouting reports that say Sanchez is a better hitter than Montero in fact it is the opposite. Your biggest obsured statement regards his defense. The scouting reports all project that he might be better defensively but he is no wiz. He had 21 passed balls last year. Don't get me wrong Sanchez could be a big star like Montero in time.

  15. Henry says:

    My feeling is trade Cervelli if possible. Continue developing Romine at AAA. He still needs work with his defense and hitting but I think he is getting close to being ready. Sanchez is many years down the road but I would use him in some games at another position. Montero is good enough to be the back up catcher because his real need is to learn defense on the major league level. Pena, Martin and Girardi can work with his defense skills. The important thing is this kid has a lot of confidence and loves catching as he has said many times. His bat is just to good for him to be traded and that would be a big mistake. An amazing thing about Monty is that he has learned to speak English so well.

  16. Frank Spero says:

    thats it trade montero and watch how he blossoms for some other team and he will be back to blite you on the ass ei; austin jackson, miguel cairo, johnny damon, hideo matsui, and on andon not even to mention all the pitching (kennedy)???????

    • Marc Perez says:

      What are you babbling about? No one regrets any of those players leaving. Except for Kennedy who we got Granderson for. Miguel Cairo hahahah

    • Thomas Slocum says:

      Agree NOT to trade Montero (see my post below) BUT I don't think your examples make the case. Austin Jackson instead of Curtis Granderson? I don't think so. And Ian Kennedy instead of Curtis Granderson? Ditto. Kennedy had a superb year for the D'Backs in both the lesser league and incorporating some famous pitcher's parks in the NL West in his starts; unlikely he would have come terribly close to those numbers in the AL East. Miguel Cairo's bite was a one-time fluke and Damon and Matsui haven't hurt the Yanks from their new teams much at all – neither knocked us out of the 2010 ALCS or the 2011 ALDS – and having to pay them significantly more than they received on the open market would have been a bigger hurt.

  17. MIKE S. says:

    montero is too valuable to the yanks future.he will compliment cano and granderson.we have to hope to get more out of gardner.I like the recent signing of swisher which now makes him tradeable for a pitcher we need.montero could fit in as a right fielder/dh and romine will be fine as a back catcher.I would also consider trading cervelli with swisher if that sweetens the pot for a pitcher we need.Let's face it we are stuck with A-Rod.I hope they consider moving him down in the batting order.

    • Montero has never played RF, and doesn't have the speed for it.

      • MIKE S. says:


        • Mike Sommer says:

          I've seen Montero play several times. OF isn't for him.

          • MIKE S. says:

            Anywhere we can fit him in would be great.He can certainly hit.I saw him in the minors before anyone even knew anything about him.He just is impressive for his age.The real deal.Would break my heart to loose him..

  18. Thomas Slocum says:

    Verlander, maybe David Price, probably Lincecum but can't think of any others the Yanks should swap Montero for. His is perhaps a once in a decade bat and given the fact that he plays in the AL, his lack of a defensive position is hardly debilitating. If he never learns to catch and can't even take the occasional turn in left field or at first base, he's at worst likely to be the next David Ortiz or Edgar Martinez except he'll be starting at a MUCH younger age. And if that's the worst he can be, how can the Yanks even entertain trading him for anyone other than a top shelf #1 starter?

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