Epstein’s Deal with Cubs Could Cost Yankees

If you’ve missed the reports, the Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein has apparently decided to move on to the Windy City and has signed a five-year $15 million deal to be the general manager and possibly team president of the Cubs.

The Yankees own general manager Brian Cashman‘s three-year $6 million deal of course ends at the end of October. Considering Epstein got $9 million more guaranteed than Cashman’s previous deal and potentially the title of team president, Cashman could be in line for a big raise.

Part of me feels like a five-year deal is out of the picture as the position is such a stressful one that neither the team nor the general manager would seek out such an agreement. However, the $3 million a year price tag will at least have to be matched at this point.

Epstein of course has two World Series titles on his resume, but Cashman’s resume is at least comparable. Cash of course won the 2009 World Series, but more impress is that he built the team while at the same time building up their farm system from its sad position in 2006 to one of the most respected in the game today.

So it seems to me that Cashman can walk into Hal Steinbrenner’s office and start the conversation at three-years and $9 million. The interesting part will end up being whether or not Cashman wants even more responsibility within the organization and whether the Yankees wouldĀ  be willing to give it to him.

It certainly seems possibly that Cashman could seek this especially after he was overruled on such key roster decisions as whether or not to re-sign Alex Rodriguez after he had opted-out or whether or not to sign Rafael Soriano this past offseason. Cashman was clearly annoyed at both moves and like he did before the 2006 season, he may demand more authority in his position before agreeing to re-sign.

The bottom line is that Epstein stands to get upto $18.5 million plus more authority from the Cubs, it is hard to see Cashman not getting at least close to that ballpark himself.

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