Quote: Girardi Won’t Panic and Change the Lineup

Via George King of the NY Post:

“Guys who have a history of performing, they usually perform,” said Yankees manager Joe Girardi. “Every time a guy went 0-for-4, you can’t change. These guys are All-Stars and superstars. It’s not like they are platoon players. I think they have to be patient. Two games don’t mean anything. I think the focus needs to be on the field.”

Alex Rodriguez entered yesterday’s game without a hit in the series and considering the fact that he has been dealing with various injuries it could have been easy to hit the panic button and drop him down in the lineup.

However, Girardi was smart enough to trust his player, who proved to be a little healthier than expected as A-Rod went 2-for-5 with three hard hit outs on top of it. It was a solid game that wouldn’t have been easy to predict, but Girardi stuck with A-Rod and he rewarded him.

The bottom line is that the Yankees need A-Rod to produce from that spot in the lineup. Dropping him down won’t do anything to help that. Besides, it’s not like there are a lot of hitters at the bottom of the lineup that have to be moved up.

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7 Responses to Quote: Girardi Won’t Panic and Change the Lineup

  1. Mike Sommer says:

    I would have dropped Alex to 6th. Simply because he has 3 HR in his last 160 or so AB and doesn't look right.

  2. And who are you going to move up? Teixeira who is not hitting or Nick Swisher who is not hitting? Girardi is right, they have proven over 162 games that they can do it, no reason to panic after 4 games and go switching things around. Players have egos and it's best not to mess with them in the playoffs. Torre moving Arod down in the order accomplished nothing.

  3. Mike Sommer says:

    Darn. Didn't post my comment. Anyway, I can't retype it. In short, would move Gardner to leadoff, drop everyone else down, Jeter 2, Granderson 3, Cano 4. I want more pop at 4. Alex doesn't look right. But old and broken down. Teix 5, Alex, Swish, etc. So far, Gardy having a good series (.385, 5 RBI). Before 2 hits in Game 4's 8th inning, Alex was 0 for the series, .180 or so since coming back from the surgery, 3 HR in last 160 AB, not what I want at the 4 spot. Just my opinion.

    • Bronx_Knight says:

      I agree with Mike here. A-Rod is just not himself. As for A-Rod's ego, well, Girardi's job as a manager is to massage his players' egos and do whatever it takes to maximize output from his team. You could make the argument that A-Rod will be motivated to prove himself and hit better if he gets bumped down to number 6.

      Personally, I think Cano should be hitting third — he's been the best hitter on the Yankees for several years now, and he's the only Yankee this year to hit over .300. Grandy should be hitting fourth.

      One argument for hitting A-Rod fourth (apart from his ego) is the simple fact that he hits righty, and ideally you wouldn't want Cano and Gardy to bat lefty back-to-back. Plus, viewed as a whole, A-Rod's numbers this year aren't bad — his slugging percentage of .461is fourth-highest among the team's starters.

  4. Mike Sommer says:

    Hopefully Alex gets it going. But they need a semblance of the old Alex there. If not…

  5. M. Griswold says:

    I agree with the thought that you don’t just start changing things to be changing them. But as I recall, A-Rod has never exactly been the worlds greatest playoff player anyway. Hitting off Fister has got to be easier than Verlander.


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