Internal Roster Decisions the Yankees Have Coming Up

The first order of business for the Yankees this offseason is to re-sign Brian Cashman or find his replacement. Considering his relationship with ownership it would seem unlikely that they would replace him so expect him back in 2012.

After that the attention turns to the roster. Here is what we’ve got:

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Guaranteed contracts

Players who can opt-out

Club options

Arbitration eligible players

Free agents

The most important player to deal with is Sabathia. The Yankees are hoping that he won’t opt-out, but it seems that he will at least re-negotiate his contract. Really not sure what Soriano is going to do as far as his opt-out goes, but it is hard seeing the Yankees re-sign him after the circus that happened last year. If he opts-out he’s probably gone.

The club options are pretty much no-brainers. Cano and Swisher have theirs picked up and Marte will be cut loose. Brackman had a terrible year, but he probably showed enough at the end that the Yankees will pick up his option.

The arbitration eligible players will all be back next year. The only one I could imagine them non-tendering is Boone Logan, but considering the fact that the Yankees have no other significant lefty relievers means that he’ll probably be back.

Finally there are the free agents. Posada is likely retiring as he won’t be useful even as a bench piece to the Yankees in 2012. Chavez is also supposedly leaning heavily toward retirement, but even if he doesn’t Brandon Laird likely replaces him next year.

Jones worked out well this year. I would like to see the Yankees bring him back next year, but because Scott Boras is his agent we cannot assume anything. Garcia could be back as well. He is a Type-B free agent so they’ll likely at least offer him arbitration to try to get a draft pick. Ayala is another one the Yankees could very well want back.

Colon is probably gone just because of his age. The only way I can see him coming back next year is on another minor league contract, but he’ll probably look for a guaranteed deal first. Mitre is probably gone as well, although I’m not 100 percent sure if he is arbitration eligible or not, but even if he is he is a likely non-tender.

Contract terms are according to Cot’s Baseball Contracts and Elias free agent rankings are according to

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6 Responses to Internal Roster Decisions the Yankees Have Coming Up

  1. Laird's walk to K ratio at AAA was a little disappointing. 17 to 84.

  2. mperez412 says:

    what happens with ayala?

    • I think there is a good chance he comes back. There are a couple of things that could come in the way of his return like maybe Cashman thinks he's one-and-done, or maybe the Yankees don't want to give him a guaranteed contract and he walks, or he could just feel like there won't be a spot for him in the bullpen next year and decide he doesn't want to come back.

      But like I said, they'll probably re-sign him for not a lot of money.

  3. David K. says:

    I don't think there's any need to resign Ayala. He pitched okay during the reg season but mostly in non pressure situations.
    If C.C. opts out, I wouldn't bother offering even more money to resign him. Might as well use the money to go after C.J. Wilson and keep developing the kids. Since Nova has emerged, we really only need to develop one more starter and add a good free agent to have the foundation of a good staff.

    I would do whatever it takes to keep Garcia. I think he is a very good gamble because he throws so much junk and he has proven both in Chicago and here that he can hang in there for a dozen or so wins.

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