Nova Turns to Pettitte for Playoff Advice

Via George King of the NY Post:

“He really helped me a lot,” Ivan Nova said of Andy Pettitte. “He is a tremendous person. That’s the example you got to take. Who has more success than him in the playoffs? That’s the guy who can help me in the process. He really did the last game…

“One thing he told me was if you got trouble in one inning, any inning, to get in your mind one pitch can take you out of the game,” Nova said. “One pitch can finish that inning and one pitch can take you out of the game. You have to try and execute that pitch.”

It’s funny that Nova said this because all year long he has reminded me of the second coming of Pettitte.

Like Pettitte, Nova came up as a decent prospect, but never had the big hype some other guys have had and he just got down to business. Also like Pettitte, Nova has no one big out pitch (although in his prime Pettitte’s cutter was fairly dominant), just a cool pitching demeanor and intelligence on the mound. And nothing seems to bother either of them while they are out there.

Hopefully he can win in October like Pettitte (who also played a huge role in his rookie and first full season).

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