Phillies Decline Roy Oswalt Option

The thin free agent market for starting pitchers just got a little bit better as the Phillies have declined their $16 million option on Roy Oswalt, making him a free agent, according to Cash Kruth of

Oswalt is coming off a season where he had a 3.69 ERA, a 6.0 K/9, and a 2.1 BB/9. He has a career ERA+ of 133, but this season was among a career low 105.

He joins C.J. Wilson and Yu Darvish as the most attractive free agent starters. However, he is older than both of them and his numbers were amongst his career worst. A back injury had him talking possible retirement during theĀ  year too.

So while he has the name, he isn’t automatically the most attractive option out there. I expect he’ll sign a one-year deal in the $6-$10 million range. The fact that it would be a one-year deal is the most intriguing as a Yankee fan as it would give them a solid option without doling out a big money deal that could block their many pitching prospects at the upper levels.

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3 Responses to Phillies Decline Roy Oswalt Option

  1. I prefer Buehrle over CJ Wilson and Oswalt

    • Fred says:

      Agreed, although I don't think Oswalt would necessarily be horrible. As long as it was a 1-2 year deal with middle of the order expectations.

      Wilson is going to get too much money for his experience IMO

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