Robinson Cano Wants a New Deal with the Yankees

The Yankees have a policy of not extending their players before their contract is up, but that hasn’t stopped Robinson Cano‘s agent, Scott Boras, from asking the Yankees to scrap his two team options for a new contract, according to George King of the NY Post.

“I called Cash to ask about dropping the options, and he hasn’t returned the call,” Boras told the newspaper.

The Yankees have two options for Cano, a $14 million option for 2012 and a $15 million one for 2013. The catch is they both need to be exercised at the same time. The Yankees will no doubt exercise it as $29 million for Cano over the next two years is a steal.

Boras is asking the Yankees not to exercise these options and instead offer him a new contract. It is possible that they could do this without violating their unofficial non-extension policy as he could technically be a free agent if they refused the options.

Boras said Yankees general manager hasn’t returned his phone calls, as he is probably busy with his own contract and then CC Sabathia‘s. It seems highly unlikely that they will work out a deal though as dealing with Boras has been hard for the Yankees, especially Cashman and it’s hard to imagine the two sides agreeing to a deal before the options are exercised.

That is not to say that it isn’t possible. The thing is that extending Cano won’t be cheap and it doesn’t seem like there will be any advantage for the Yankees to extend his deal at this point. Only if Boras has an idea that could be beneficial to both sides will this be possible.

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  1. Joe says:

    Cano is a great player. Why have a contract if you can re-negotiate to the players advantage? How would Boras like it if the Yankees approached him about re-negotiating Soriano's contract?

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