Rumor: the Yankees are Considering Carlos Beltran

The Yankees are still likely to pick up the option for Nick Swisher, but it might be a sign-and-trade if a report by Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York is true.

Matthews spoke with an Yankees official that was at this week’s organizational meetings who said that Carlos Beltran is on their “list,” but that they had to make a decision on Swisher first.

The players have similar numbers with Beltran’s being slightly better when he is healthy. Beltran is the better fielder too, but Swisher’s big advantage is in their ages. Swish will be 31 this offseason while Beltran turns 35 in April.

I think that Beltran’s injury history here is the biggest thing, but in the end it could come down to how much teams would be willing to give the Yankees for Swisher. If they can use him as part of a package to land a good starting pitcher this might be an easier decision to make.

The thing is that Swisher isn’t exactly young and will be a free agent after the 2012 season. That means that only teams looking to win it all next year will even be in the market for him. It could be hard to find a team in that position that is also willing to give up quality starting pitching.

A way to work around this is to involve a third team in negotiations, but that could take a while. The Yankees would have to find a willing trading partner before Beltran reached an agreement with another team.

Beltran has expressed a desire to become a Yankee in the past. Before he signed his $119 million deal with the Mets, his agent, Scott Boras, offered the Yankees a last second deal at a discount. However, the Yankees passed as their big offseason acquisition that year was Randy Johnson.

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8 Responses to Rumor: the Yankees are Considering Carlos Beltran

  1. Joe says:

    Not a big Swisher fan. He is horrible in the postseason. Would rather see a Nunez/Dickerson platoon rather than another player with a history of injuries past his prime.

  2. Rob, How possible would be a trade for Kemp or Kershaw according to the probllems of their team

  3. Bronx_Knight says:

    Man, you guys are a little harsh. It takes 162 games to get to the postseason. Nick Swisher is a pretty good ballplayer for six months out of the year. OK, he sucks in the postseason — (.169 career postseason BA — yeesh) — but first you gotta there.

  4. Well thats the difference between the old yanks of the 90s and now Yankees are in love with the obp and hr ball…swisher is a great player but he doesnt know how to hit with 2 strikes. Yankees of the past use to be so clutch I think part of the reason swisher does not do well is like every reason someone does not do too well they try to do too much. Either he revamps his stance or swing or youll be seeing the same thing from him this year(which isnt bad) but which which isnt good either.

  5. yea they did but so do these yankees the difference is someone had to drive them in. These days Yankees have the mentality to hit the 3 run homerun rather then a solid single. The old yanks didnt think like that…

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