Rumor: Yankees Don’t Want to Add 3 Years to Sabathia’s Deal

It’s becoming clearer that CC Sabathia will opt-out of the remaining four years and $92 million of his contract and it is clear that the Yankees want him back regardless. However, what isn’t clear is where the two sides will meet.

Behind Sabathia there are nothing but question marks in the Yankees rotation and there are no answers for that on the open market this offseason. So their determination to sign him will be high and there will be no shortage of suitors for The Big Man if he decides to leave the Bronx.

That doesn’t leave the Yankees with much leverage in negotiations, but they will have to draw a line somewhere. According to Jon Heman of Sports Illustrated they aren’t interested in offering him three years and are even debating on whether or not they should go as far as adding two additional years onto his deal.

With nearly all the leverage on Sabathia’s side it seems hard to imagine the difference between a five or six year deal would be a deal breaker for the Bombers. However, they may decide that it is better to increase the average annual value of the deal to keep it at five years.

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5 Responses to Rumor: Yankees Don’t Want to Add 3 Years to Sabathia’s Deal

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Let's hope this isn't just a negotiating ploy, but that they'll really draw the line at 5 years. The ghost of the Alex Rodriguez contract should haunt the Yankees like Marley does Scrooge.

  2. Doug says:

    Any deal with Sabathia must include a personal trainer and weight restrictions – CC gained so much weight this past year I'm sure it affected him in September and October (his ERA spiked in those two months.)

    • David K. says:

      I'm for saying goodbye if he opts out but I don't think the weight affected his throwing in Sept and Oct. He was throwing very hard but location was not there. Could be the first signs of arm trouble if you ask me. I've kind of soured on CC after this second straight playoff collapse and the beating from the Red Sox during the regular season. Look at his playoff record, 2009 was the only good postseason. Every other playoffs has been a disaster. Do we really need to add this kind of payroll inflexibility to the roster for the next 8 years? Couldn't we do just as well by spreading the money around between Yu Darvish and CJ Wilson, instead of putting all our eggs in one fat basket?

      • Alex Taffet says:

        I don't think it's necessarily CC or Wilson and Darvish. Doesn't CC and Darvish sound a lot better than Wilson and Darvish? Granted, it will be a few more million $ per year, but the point is, resigning CC does not preclude the Yanks from going after Darvish or Wilson. And CC is far and away the better pitcher and also much more of a sure thing than either of the two.

  3. Bronxs says:

    Greed Greed! When are they gonna start cappin these players? In the end.. Th Fans paid for it.. Go to the ballpark & make sure you bring your rent money!

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