Sabathia Plans to Opt-Out Despite Offer from Yankees

The Yankees have made an offer to CC Sabathia that was designed to keep him from opting-out of the final four years of his contract, according to David Waldstein of the NY Times. However, Sabathia plans on opting-out of his deal by Monday’s midnight deadline anyway, according to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated.

Sabathia is still owed $92 million over four years, but he is going to use the opt-out to re-enter free agency where he will undoubtedly make more money. If he opts-out it doesn’t mean that his time in the Bronx is over, but it does appear to be a sign that he isn’t going to give the Yankees a discount in any way.

Initially the opt-out was put into his contract as a way to get Sabathia to agree to a deal with the Yankees. Over the years he has said the opt-out wasn’t a big deal and that his family has put down roots in the area, it seems like he is going to try to use it to squeeze every last dollar out of them though.

In the past the Yankees haven’t done well in negotiations with their star players. Derek Jeter got more years and a higher average annual salary than anyone expected a year ago despite the fact that the Yankees were the lone bidders. Back in 2007 they tried to take a hard line with Alex Rodriguez after he opted-out of his own deal. In the end they ended up offering him an even bigger contract than the original with a series of bonuses based on his home run total on top of the contract.

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10 Responses to Sabathia Plans to Opt-Out Despite Offer from Yankees

  1. Steve says:

    let him walk..he was ineffective the last month of the season and when it counted and they needed him in the playoffs he was a bust…if they give him a ton of money and more years they will have an albatross in less than 3 they will have to pay but can't get rid of…you want to pay that kind of money give it to roy halliday ( i know he's not avail) ..let someone else overpay him…let him go to another team that does not score a ton of runs for him..he was made an offer and he's still going to opt out…nice loyalty..nothing but greed…good riddance to fat boy..unfortunately the brothers won't stand up to him…

    • Fred says:

      If you did that, you're conceding the World Series next year. Its that simple. There isn't another Sabathia on the market.

      The issue here is the opt out clause, not the pitcher.

  2. Cardinals and Rangers had no pitchers like Sabathia.
    It's ok if he wants more than the 92m, but If he doesn't accept the new offer, of course we should let him walk, show some respect and love for your team and not only love for the money, he is not an ace during postseasons (4.81ERA and 1.62 WHIP).

    We can make it having for example 4 of these guys: Buehrle, Oswalt, Danks, Wilson, Hughes, Nova or Garcia and no more options than having again AJ like the 5

  3. Steve says:

    first of all you are not conceding the world series it takes more than 1 pitcher..2nd he does not step up in the post season like Pettitte did…and cards or rangers did not have anyone like him..they had better..carpenter and holland pitched great….the yanks need to take a page from the and other teams..give the young guys a chance..don't baby them in the minors forever and then bring them up and hardly use them…they have some good young talent but you don't get great in triple a…they babied ian kennedy and didn't give him a real chance and all he did with the diamondbacks was win 20 when given the chance…i'm not saying throw them in right away to pitch 220 innings but they are too cautious…and to finish..sabathia was outpitched by burnett and nova in the playoffs…pretty sad…

  4. Susan says:

    Fuck the fat slob then, let him leave. Take the slug at third base with him. I'm sick of greedy SOBS like them. I've been a die hard Yankees fan since the mid 70s. I was disgusted in the resigning of Rodriguez after he pulled his opt out shit and now if they kiss CC's fat ass the same way I can't see myself continuing my loyalty.

    These guys are not true Yankees. People say we buy championships though the main contributors to championships since the mid 90s are mostly home grown guys like Jeter, Rivera, Posada, Pettitte, Cano, Bernie Williams. Now we seemingly have another bunch of youngsters on the way with Montero, Banuelos, the other killer B's, plus guys already here like D Rob, Nunez, Romine, etc.

    Likely we aren't winning the World Series next year anyway with or without CC. You can't win World Series when you can't do anything whatsoever in the clutch. Way too many unclutch guys on this roster, Tex, CC, Burnett, Swisher, Martin and of course the ass clown at third. It's time to stop pandering to old over the hill guys like Jeter, Posada and A Rod and quit pandering to greedy bastards like Sabathia. Sign Buerhle to something reasonable and wait for the youth movement.

  5. Alvin Giel says:

    Susan you are the best. We think alike 100%. Cashman don't give CC more money. Let him test the market.

    • Susan says:

      Thanks Alvin! I speak my mind and I'm not politically correct about it and never will be. I hope Cashman does let him walk but he'd probably be overruled by the two bumbling brothers. I believe had it been up to Cashman he would have wisely let The Third Baseman go after he opted out. I've always been a CC supporter since we got him but never will be again regardless of what happens.

      • Mike says:

        I hate to think of what Cano and Boras are going to be like when their time comes.
        any player that signs with Boras goes down a whole lot of notches in my book. Boras is evil and it is obvious from looking at him and listening to him.
        for Cano to sign with him took away my respect for him as a human. cano is a great player and a lousy human.

  6. Mike says:

    I would like someone to give me a list of all the long term contracts given (6 yrs and up) that weren't losing propositions for the team that gave them.
    all the ones I can think of are/were bad deals
    come to mind as great examples of bad signings and there are lots more

  7. Steve says:

    susan could not AGREE more with what you say..they forget the type of guys who won it for them..O'Neill, Brosius, El Duque, Nelson, Tino, MO , Pettitte…these guys wore the pinstripes with pride…and were clutch…forgot Stanton….I've been a fan since the late 50s so you know who i grew up watching…makes me sick to see the slugs they have now….they need to stay away from the mercenary free agents and use the farm system…I guarantee Texas lets Wilson they should…but the brothers and Randy Levine will bend over and grab their ankles for watch

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