Sabathia to Open Hooters Knock Off in Manhattan

Via Salim Algar of the NY Post:

Yankees ace CC Sabathia is throwing his weight behind a brash new Manhattan boob and beer joint as it prepares for a fresh round of brawling with Hooters, The Post has learned.

The burly Bomber has signed on as part owner of a new Canz-a-Citi Roadhouse restaurant set to open tomorrow night in Murray Hill. Subtly known as Canz, the small but ambitious chain is already warring with Hooters in Queens and on Long Island.

โ€œCC and I have been friends for years,โ€ said Steven Ferraro, who founded the brand with partner Tim Lorito. โ€œThis is a business venture for him. His two passions are food and sports, so this is a good fit.โ€

Unfortunately this doesn’t really help us figure out one way or another if CC is determined to stay in New York or not as this seems more like a no-show investment.

It is more than a little funny that CC the family man would be opening this type of restuarant. The timing isn’t great either as has been getting a fair amount of criticism for his weight lately and it is doubtful that anything healthy can be purchased at Canz. If he has been friends with this Ferraro guy for a while though it does make sense that he would invest with him though.

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  1. Larry Dunbar says:

    I'm from Long Island and have been meaning to check this place out as I've heard nothing but good things, not only from my guy friends but also the ladies ๐Ÿ™‚ Might just have to venture into the city this weekend to catch the World Series and the Jets game here!

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