Sabathia’s Agent: We Will Exhaust All Efforts to Sign with Yankees

Via Buster Olney of ESPN:

For now, Sabathia’s focus is entirely on remaining with the Yankees, according to his agent, Brian Peters. “CC has been clear about how he feels about New York and the Yankees,” Peters said on Saturday morning, “and we will exhaust all of our efforts to reach a new agreement [with the Yankees].”

Asked if the negotiations had started, Peters said, “As of today, I’ve got nothing new to report.”

CC Sabathia is currently on vacation so he is not negotiating with the Yankees just yet. He can opt-out of his deal with them three days after the World Series is over so the two sides have about a week to almost two weeks depending on how quick the series ends to negotiate exclusively.

After that it sure sounds like he’s ready to get on the open market never mind how much Sabathia talks about his family and loving it here. None of that matters as there is a ton of money at stake. There are probably at least a half dozen teams that would love to bid on his services in an offseason where there are no clear front of the rotation starters available.

It’s good to hear that CC will give the Yankees every chance to sign him, but it doesn’t sound like he is willing to give them a discount. Baseball is a business, he knows that, and like his friend Cliff Lee did last offseason he will look to cash in big this winter.

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3 Responses to Sabathia’s Agent: We Will Exhaust All Efforts to Sign with Yankees

  1. elyse cynamon says:

    give cc whatever he wants for him to stay a yankee

  2. Charlie says:

    Give CC free Captain Crunch cereal for life. If he wants more than that, let him walk…lol.

  3. David K. says:

    Nah, he can sign with his friend Cliff Lee in Philly if he opts out. Maybe then Philly would be eliminated in four games in the divisional series instead of five.

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