Soriano Unlikely to Opt-Out of Yankees Contract

With all of the attention surrounding CC Sabathia and his opt-out clause it can be easy to forget that another Yankees has an opt-out clause, Rafael Soriano.

However, unlike Sabathia Soriano is unlikely to exercise his clause, according to Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York.

This comes as no surprise as Soriano was ineffective over the early part of the season and missed a significant portion with an elbow injury as well. So he is highly unlikely to top the two-years and $25 million that he has left under his contract with the Yankees.

Of course, he can opt-out again next year which would probably be a bit smarter for him as Mariano Rivera is expected retire after the 2012 season. That could potentially put him in position to get even more money out of the Yankees if there is an injury to or just regression from David Robertson.

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4 Responses to Soriano Unlikely to Opt-Out of Yankees Contract

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Please let him opt out! Attitude problems have been part of the back story with this guy for years, then he comes to NY, squawks about pitching the 8th inning, stinks it up and gets injured. His drama opened things up for Robertson, who now seems his replacement. May the baseball Santa deliver 3 things this Xmas: that Soriano opts out of his contract, that A.J. Burnett is traded (and for what I almost don't care) and that Alex Rodriguez demands to be traded (again, the cost doesn't matter). All fantasies I know, but these are the 3 guys I most want to see playing elsewhere.

    • Marc Perez says:

      Towards the end of the year, Soriano underwent an attitude adjustment and was actually quite successful in the seventh inning.

  2. Frank Spero says:

    GOOD NEWS let the jerk go trade him for soneone who acts like he wants to be a yankee maybe we won't have any more blown games

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