Teixeira Putting Yankees in Jeopardy with Postseason Woes

It was kind of a no-brainer to sign Mark Teixeira after the 2008 season. He was just entering his prime and brought stability to a position that the Yankees struggled to fill consistently since Tino Martinez left.

On top of that Teixeira was fresh off his impressive first post season, the 2008 ALDS where he hit .467 with a 1.017 OPS against Boston.

However since Teixeira got here he has not hit at all in the playoffs.

Over 26 games he is hitting just .165 with a .560 OPS. He has had a moment or two, like the game winning home run in game two of the 2009 ALDS or last seasons ALDS vs the Twins where he hit .308 with a .973 OPS, but by and large he has been a disappointment.

Alex Rodriguez picked up the slack for him in 2009, but he couldn’t pick up the slack for him last season against Texas and there is a real chance that he won’t be able to do it this post season either.

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11 Responses to Teixeira Putting Yankees in Jeopardy with Postseason Woes

  1. Bronx_Knight says:

    Like Giambi before him, the overshift everyone uses is killing Teixeira. Long ago, Wee Willie Keeler said, "Hit 'em where they ain't." Teixeira is a big-league ball player. If the third baseman is playing at shortstop, hit the ball the other way. For Pete's sake, just bunt the ball down the left field line. Do anything, and they will stop using the overshift against you.

    Asked why he didn't just hit the ball the other way, Giambi answered that his goal wasn't to slap singles, his goal was to hit the ball over everybody's head into the stands. I guess the calculus is that 40 home runs down the right field line outweigh losing .60 points in batting average. Personally, I just don't buy it.

  2. dpratt says:

    I'm always willing to cut Texieira a lot of slack because of his excellent defense. Even when he doesn't make runs, he is preventing who knows how many.

  3. David K. says:

    Teixeira is proving that he simply can't (or won't) make necessary adjustments as a left handed hitter. Right handed he is hitting almost .300 but left handed, he has turned into Jason Giambi or Carlos Pena.Theories seem to range from the shift to the short porch in right at Yankee Stadium. It's all those things plus maybe the pressure to produce in the three slot is getting to him. He hasn't been the same since he struggled in the post-season in 2009. You can talk numbers all you want but I haven't seen the same hitter since that time. He simply takes too big a cut as a lefty hitter. He needs to shorten up and just hit some singles the other way sometimes, especially with guys on base. Everytime it comes up, though, he says he doesn't want to mess up his swing. Has he checked his left handed batting average of late? I'd say a .230 batting average as a lefty is already plenty messed up.

  4. The one thing I want to add is that the shift is nothing new. People seem to think that they started doing that against him once he became a Yankee, but that isn't true. I don't see why he would play his entire career and then all of a sudden the shift became extremely successful.

    BTW, another guy who refused to bunt against the shift was Ted Williams, as smart and good a hitter as anybody the game has ever seen.

  5. I would like to see a post like this for Swisher, of course the difference in the money is huge but Swisher's numbers in postseason OMG, NTP no tengo palabras

    • As a player who makes about $20 million a season compared to $10 and a guy who was hitting third until a week ago vs a guy who hit 6th all year. I think the expectations are rightfully on Teixeira over Swisher. Although I am planning to discuss Swisher more in depth obviously.

  6. Jayjay says:

    So right Gonzo… I freakin' hated how Swisher never rose to the occasion. I believe he set the record for most double play out. I followed all Yankee games religiously and to me the failure of Swisher is by far more damaging and outweights the failure of at least 5 people in the roster. Swisher is the only reason I can't stand Girardi. I love Girardi in all the way he manages the team, but having so much faith on Swisher destroyed the team. There are far too many young folks that could have taken Swisher's spot, but never happened. I say keep Jorge Posada in the line up. That man is like Bernie Williams to me. He brings much comfort and confident when at bat and there are runners on base (not necessarily on scoring position) knowing he will pull through. I don't want to blame anyone for the Yankee's failure to make it to second round, but there is simply no way I can just let this go without point a major failure that contributed to the ealy elimination.

  7. Sammy says:

    Terrible end to 2011 for the our Yankees but, it was obvious all season that there were major inconsistancies in the lineup. The press writes and commentators say that the lineup is (was) potent but, a reliable & potent lineup does not get shut down so many times during a season and is inconsistant in the post season.

    I agree that Teixeira is becoming another Giambi from the left side, he has become a number 5 or 6 hitter at best and don't let me get started on A-Rod, unless there is a major change in his production, the Yankees are throwing their money away.
    George would have gutted this team and started fresh, there are no easy answers the skills and production of Jeter, A-Rod, Teixeira are all on a downward trend and there is nothing in the farm system to look forward to except pitching but, when will they be ready? Yankee fans, we need to prepare for a couple of lean years to follow this one unless Cashman takes on the character of the Phillies GM Amaro and even then, where are the Phillies today? … right, home like our Yanks.

    • Not only was this Yankees offense the best in baseball, but compared to the league average it was among the most historic in all of baseball. If you want to see inconsistent maybe you should watch ANY of the other 29 teams.

      • Sammy says:

        Good point Bob. Stats are a good thing to throw out there, I did watch most of the other teams, don't know what the stats are on the Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers … if the Yankees hit better than they, I'll look forward to seeing them in the playoff's tonight.

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