Tonight Could Be Jorge Posada’s Final Game

Jorge Posada has let it be known that he wants to play again next year. He has even gone as far as to indicate that he might be willing to play for another team if the Yankees don’t want him back.

However at the age of 40 his catching days are over and there aren’t too many teams in the market for a DH coming off a season where he hit just .235 with a .714 OPS including the Yankees. So it very likely means that he has played his final regular season game and that tonight could be his final postseason game as well.

Posada is making the most of his final time in the playoffs. Facing the Tiger’s all-right handed pitching rotation he has hit .400 with a 1.200 OPS. It is very likely that this will best his best single playoff series since he faced the Tigers back in 2006 (He hit .500 with a 1.348 OPS that year).

If it is his final game, I’m sure he will get the proper send off tonight by the Yankees fans. He has been in the league for parts of 17 seasons and if he is not a Hall of Famer, he is damn close. Hopefully he has got two more series in him.

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