Who is to Blame for Yankees Postseason Failure?

In two games of a five game series the Yankees scored nine and 10 runs. Those should be easy wins. That means they needed to win just one close game out of three other games in the series, but they couldn’t do it.

What happened? Who is to blame? Let’s run down the list of some of the bigger culprits.

Joe Girardi: His pitching changes yesterday were a lightning rod for criticism, but there is no question that Ivan Nova should have been starting that game and Girardi did manage to navigate the bullpen through seven innings and one run.

The big problem with Girardi may have been his hands off approach to the lineup card. He stuck by his lineup and his hitters even when it was obvious that some of them were struggling big time. To not pinch hit for Russell Martin looks especially foolish, especially after his weak at bats early in game five.

Alex Rodriguez: Everybody’s favorite punching bag. I have two thoughts in my head when it comes to him. The first is that one World Series victory does not a career make. My second thought is that I find it very hard to blame him. That was not the pre-2009 version of A-Rod that was the 2011, he’s 36-years-old and coming off of midseason knee surgery. Yes, he absolutely failed, but maybe that is the manager’s fault more than it is his. Drop him down in the lineup, get him some extra rest, maybe even pinch hit for him in a couple of spots.

Mark Teixeira: In 27 playoff games in his Yankees career, Teixeira has hit just .170 with a .578 OPS. It’s going to be a long final four years on his contract if he is going to keep this up. He wanted the $180 million contract, well buddy, there are responsibilities that come with it. He had no injuries or excuses for this one either, just didn’t show up, yet again.

Nick Swisher: His playoff record is practically identical to Teixeira’s. In 28 postseason games with the Yankees he has hit .160 with a .587 OPS. He was pressing so bad, it looked like he was trying to win all five games with 10-run home runs. To me he slightly gets off the hook when compared to Teixeira because of their price tags and spots in the lineup, but only slightly.

CC Sabathia: The Big Man is paid to pitch in big games. However, after allowing a homer in two innings of work in game one, he was ineffective pitching on two days rest in game three and on two days rest in game four. Part of that might be Girardi’s fault, but he is the $23 million ace that the Yankees brought in to help them win the World Series. Like A-Rod, he doesn’t get a free pass after one. If he pitches well at all in this series and it’s off to Texas.

Brian Cashman: The Yankees lost a total of three games by four runs. The Yankees offense is stacked and despite some terrible performances by all of the above they still outscored the Tigers by 11 runs in the series. Perhaps the problem was that Cashman never fixed the starting rotation. Sure, Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon outperformed any reasonable expectations, but everyone their second half fades coming from a mile away and he did nothing to acquire reinforcements.

The bottom line is that most playoff games are won by pitching and the Yankees didn’t have enough. They won two games because of their offense and nothing because of their pitching, that falls on Cashman.

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Rob Abruzzese created Bronx Baseball Daily in 2008 just before graduating from Brooklyn College. He currently serves BBD as its editor and works as a reporter at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Follow Rob on Twitter @RobAbruzzese.
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12 Responses to Who is to Blame for Yankees Postseason Failure?

  1. DSRG says:

    Why blame anyone? The offense carried the team during stretches in the season when the rotation wasn’t performing. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get the job done against Detroit’s very good staff, even as our beleaguered rotation looked better than we thought.

  2. Heartishere says:

    ARod and Mark T. have both made a careers on getting the big hits when the big hits were needed DURING REGULAR SEASON. And while each of thier defense skills were shown during the playoffs, those skills don't score runs for thier teams. Yes…they styop the opponents from scoring more runs then they could have scored. But the bats they swing plays a major part of getting thier team members sfely around the diamon and scoring runs!! The Yankees had so many chances lat night!!! It is mindboggling how many chances tthey hd last night!!! I mean the bases was loaded twice–and they didn't score on either of those bases loaded situations????

  3. Frank R says:

    Alex Rodriguez, Mark Texiera, CC Sabathia, ,, all are "OVER PAID" FAILURES. None of them come up with big performances,,, With what they're getting paid,,, it should have been a cake walk… When will the Yanks quit signing has beens to long term contracts…I suffered with Giambi for seven years,, let them all go!

  4. Joe P. says:

    The Yankees need to let Swisher go. His post season numbers back to his Oakland days are simply atrocious. If you can't stand the pressure in the post season, you should not be in New
    York. The Yankees can get younger and cheaper with a platoon of Nunez and Dickerson in rightfield. How about this trade: Shop Tex and a prospect for that first baseman in St Louis.!!!

  5. Howard Young says:

    Giradi did not have the courage to bench A-Rod or Teshwei for one game.Could have made a difference.

  6. billyball says:

    Ok Girardi should have benched Martin and put Montero in the game as the catcher to back stop the most important innings of the season? Are you serious? If you have a problem with Martin batting in seven hole than move him to the 8 but the guy did an amazing job behind the dish. Learn about baseball before making crazy comments.

  7. billyball says:

    And Girardi should have benched Arod? Lmao

  8. billyball says:

    Next people are going to blame Cashman for not trading for Doug Fister. Please remember Seattle wanted the Yankees best prospects for scrub Jarrod Washburn the year before and they wanted best prospects for Fister. Seattle has two trade markets. The Yankees and everyone else.

    Let's take a common sense approach to this. The defense and Pitching were good, the Yankees problem was middle lineup and you were not sitting down Arod and Tex and Detroit had all right handed Pitchers so you were not sitting Swisher. The coach has to give his guys a chance to succeed in playoffs.

    The Yanks should consider letting Swish go but they need CC, LH pitching is a big bonus and he is still an ace. The team should look for a good defensive RF to either platoon with swish or take his place.

  9. David K. says:

    My take on it is that Girardi and Cashman both made mistakes and our big hitters once again didn't hit in the clutch. As I said before the playoffs started, Austin Romine should have been on the roster as a defensive replacement backup catcher. That would have allowed Girardi to use Montero more in this series, as a pinch hitter for Russell Martin and to spell Posada. In Game 2, it was day game after a night game, and Girardi did not start Montero or Nunez. That was a big mistake because Scherzer throws smoke and those youngsters can hit anyone's fastball.

    Then Girardi let Game 2 get out of hand by pitching his new boyfriend (Ayala). In Game 3, he kept Soriano in for a second inning for the first time all year. He should have done that kind of thing at least once in a while during the regular season, not for the first time duriing playoffs. Soriano gave up the go ahead home run in his second inning of work.

  10. Frank Spero says:

    lets put it this way all the asshole other teams ARE NOT going to give the yanks the sweat off their balls let alone any pitching

  11. Joe says:

    Pinch hit for A-Rod ? Are u serious ? If that's the case he doesn't belong out there.(I agree sliding him down to #5 and putting Tex #4 would have been the better idea.

  12. Joe says:

    Yanks lost 100% because of their 4-5-6 hitters.

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